The Inexpensive Dollar Tree Solution That Keeps Drawer Organizers In Place

We have all felt the frustration of opening a drawer and having to pull the organizer tray forward because something is stuck or hard to reach, or the organizer was displaced in the process of opening said drawer. If we'd only known sooner how easily we could eliminate this problem just with the introduction of adhesive stickers.

Emma Villaneta of thecraftedstudio shares on TikTok an ingenious trick to holding your drawer organizers in place. Drawers in your bathroom, kitchen, desk, and unruly junk drawers can become much easier to use with the simple application of a couple of sticky dots on the underside of organizing trays. While you're at it, take advantage of some other Dollar Tree storage finds that beat drawer clutter and some supplies that will make this hack long-lasting.

After you've added some adhesive dots — and maybe a drawer organizer or two if you don't already have some — to your shopping basket, grab some cotton balls and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol as well. Those last two items will help you prep your surfaces for ultimate sticking power. For under $5 total, you'll enjoy better organization and fewer headaches.

Staying power for your dots

For the low price of $1.25, pick up a 72-piece pack of Crafters Square adhesive dots from the Dollar Tree, and in a matter of seconds, your drawer annoyances will be history. Plus, by making sure the surfaces you're sticking the dots to are as pristine as possible, your adhesive dots will keep standing up against lots of use. Rubbing alcohol, one of the most versatile products you can use around the house, is key here.

Empty the drawer you're set on improving, and give the interior a good wipe with a clean towel or paper towel to remove dust or crumbs. Then, treat the underside of your drawer organizer to a generous scrub with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. Zeiss lens wipes ($1.25 at the Dollar Tree) are alcohol-based and clean as well as an alcohol-soaked cotton ball, while also clearing away grime, dust, and grease to help the dots adhere. Once the alcohol has dried, stick adhesive dots at each corner of the organizer's underside as well as several more along its edges and in the center of the tray.

Before placing your organizer in the drawer, prep the surface inside the drawer with an alcohol wipe where you'll be adhering the organizer tray. Once the drawer has dried, set the tray inside the drawer wherever you would like it to remain. Give the organizer a few good presses at the points where you've applied adhesive dots, and your new-and-improved drawer is ready to refill!