10 Standing Toilet Paper Holders That Add Style And Functionality To Your Bathroom

Piecing together a successful design is all about the details. When it comes to bathrooms, you want to make sure you're paying as much attention to the small accents as the major design features. While something like a toilet paper holder might not seem as important as a faucet or showerhead, it helps cinch your theme and can either level up or drag down your design. For example, a nautical-inspired TP holder would look totally out of place in simple, black-and-white bathroom designs. It wouldn't make much sense. To help you avoid scenarios like this, we've rounded up 10 different kinds of standing toilet paper roll holders so you can become better acquainted with the options out there and pick the best toilet paper holder for your space.

Standing toilet paper holders offer a practical solution for your bathroom. They eliminate the need for wall holes, and often come with additional features not found in regular wall units. For example, most freestanding holders feature an additional vertical bar on the side, allowing you to store three or four extra rolls. This negates the need for guests to request a fresh roll when they unexpectedly run out, or rummage through the vanity if they're too shy to ask. However, that's not the only perk. Some holders have unique storage shelves, are spacious enough to fit a 12-pack, and others can discreetly hide extra bathroom necessities, like toilet brushes. See what's possible below. 

A holder that looks more like a sleek piece of furniture

If you don't want your toilet paper hanging out for the whole world to see, then you could store it in a holder that looks more like furniture. Consider getting a slim cabinet such as this one, which allows you to store the roll inside with only a sheet or two sticking out. This is not only more sanitary since the roll is hidden away from the toilet, but it also creates an opportunity for more storage and décor. If you open the door, you can fit about three more spare rolls inside. There is also a shelf on top, allowing you to style the piece with something like a scented candle or perhaps a small succulent as a decorative accent. 

This nifty cabinet can be found in outlets like Walmart for around $20, and it comes in an assortment of colors, from white to black to faux wood. If you don't see a color you want, you can easily customize the piece by painting it. If saving dollars is your top priority, you can repurpose paint samples for this project, but be aware that this may not give the most long-lasting finish. Going for the cheapest option possible is one of the most common mistakes everyone makes when buying paint. For a durable end result, choose a high-quality, bathroom-grade paint. For a smooth, streak-free finish, use a foam roller to paint the sides and top of the cabinet. You can also take things a step further and choose a roller with rounded ends, which can help you avoid lap marks when painting walls and furniture.

A holder that hides your bulk pack of TP

If you're a bargain hunter or a Costco card carrier, then you likely have more TP than you know what to do with. While getting a mega-pack of rolls is great for your wallet, it's a nightmare for storage. This is especially true if you're trying to get the most out of limited cabinet space and don't want to clutter up the shelves with toilet rolls. So where can you hide all of that spare potty paper? A toilet paper holder like the one in this video can help solve your problem. It allows you to stash a 12-pack in the hidden compartment, and you can remove fresh rolls from a handy opening in the bottom. It has a sloped base inside, allowing a fresh roll to slide down when you remove one. 

This white, sleek design is the Yamazaki Toilet Paper Organizer and Dispenser, which you can get on Amazon for $48. While useful, some reviewers complained about this not being very practical to store on the floor since the dispenser is on the bottom. Because of this positioning, you run the risk of getting dust and hair onto the exposed roll. If that's a worry for you, consider adding legs to the bottom of the cabinet. You can get squat, tapered furniture legs from Amazon for around $10 and screw them to the bottom of the metal storage unit. 

A sleek, black stand, perfect for minimalist bathrooms

Step into a modern, minimalist bathroom and you'll likely be greeted by black accents thoughtfully scattered throughout. Perhaps there is a showstopping black showerhead and matching faucet, or maybe there are black light fixtures and toothbrush holders. Sticking to a white and black color palette can make a bathroom space feel airy but streamlined, contributing to a clean and uncluttered vibe. 

If this is the aura you're trying to create in your own bathroom, consider tying the look together with something similar to the black holder shown in this video, such as this freestanding toilet paper tower, which you can get for under $10 on Amazon. This not only holds your TP, but you can also add a few spare rolls onto the vertical pole. This type of holder will work well for minimalist or modern bathrooms, but it also can look great with modern farmhouse aesthetics. Contemporary versions of this interior design style are less shabby chic and more focused on black, white, and wood color motifs. A sleek black TP holder would look particularly on point paired with white subway tiles and a black oval mirror. 

A stand that has a place for your phone

If you're the type of person who likes to have their phone within reach in the bathroom, then this stand can help you find a spot to park it. No more precarious balancing acts on the edge of a small vanity, potentially dirty with hairspray or toothpaste stains. This stand creates a dedicated home for your phone, offering an unexpected amenity. Not only does it provide convenient gadget storage, but it also allows you to place several extra rolls on the stand for those moments when the TP runs out. Simply add them to the second vertical pole on the edge of the stand. 

The stand shown in the video is the Kitsure Toilet Paper Holder, which sells for $20 on Amazon. If you find this popular holder sold out (like we did) you can also opt for something like this model from FLE on Amazon, which retails for $26. What makes both of these stands unique is that the spare toilet rolls don't touch the ground. The vertical pole has a small ledge installed an inch off the ground on the pole, ensuring the rolls don't touch the base but hover above the floor. This ensures no dirt or hair gets on them from the floor. If you love the functionality of this but not the look, you can transform this piece with a little bit of spray paint. Choose your preferred color — from creamy white to baby blue — and transform it with a couple of coats to better match your vision.

A holder that also hides your plunger

Plungers are rarely aesthetically pleasing, but they're a necessary tool to keep in any bathroom. If you don't want yours on display for the whole world to see, consider a toilet paper holder such as this one that also doubles as plunger storage. This ingenious shelving unit has one large compartment that clocks in at 17 inches tall, and which can hold anything from a small plunger to a toilet brush. In addition, the second compartment can store two spare rolls of toilet paper. Simply turn it around to face the wall to hide those amenities, concealing them from view until you need them. 

This particular shelf is the Yamazaki Supplies Home Organizer, which retails for $68 on Amazon. To customize the look, consider adding a decorative accent on top. You can place anything from a pleasant-smelling diffuser to a small succulent in a pretty pot. Just make sure whatever you choose isn't tall and heavy or else it can upend. You can also ensure your décor stays securely on the storage unit by sticking the items down using Museum Gel, which you can get from Amazon for just over $11.50. This clear putty is a temporary adhesive that is used in museums to keep artifacts in place. It will help ensure the small item doesn't get knocked over by a clumsy elbow, and will also make moving the shelf to get to its contents less cumbersome, since you don't have to worry about the décor falling.

A TP holder with a marble base

Classic, clean, and crisp bathroom designs usually focus on white, marble-inspired vanity counters and tiles. If that's the aesthetic you're going for, then why not have your toilet paper holder mimic the same look for ultimate continuity? This particular holder has a sturdy, faux marble base, which lends it a dose of elegance. The holder itself is stainless steel, which will blend in well with an all-white motif. There is an additional toilet paper holder on the side that allows you to store three to four extra rolls. 

This particular model is the Gzila Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder, which retails for less than $35 on Amazon. While the stainless steel looks great in a white bathroom, it might not match if you have trendy gold faucets and showerheads. However, you can still make this piece work for you. All you have to do is spray paint the poles gold. A great option is the Rust-Oleum Specialty Metallic Spray in gold (available on Amazon and places like Lowes and The Home Depot), which has small metal flakes in the formula to create a believable gold finish that is more refined than flashy.

A brassy toilet paper tower for gold-accented bathrooms

If you would rather not mess around with spray paint, then skip the hassle and instead get a gold toilet paper stand. The TP tower shown in this video is a great example, and can seamlessly blend into different bathroom aesthetics. Its bright, brassy color would look amazing in a vintage-inspired bathroom, complete with Art Deco décor and shower tiles, or hexagon penny tile flooring. But it would also compliment a white, marble-inspired bathroom, or even an eclectic one packed with lots of color and patterns. The holder has the added bonus of being very useful — it not only has extra storage for spare TP rolls, but also sports a small shelf for your phone or other small items.

This is the Feilern Toilet Paper Holder Stand, which retails for $42 on Amazon. If you're not one to carry your phone to the bathroom and don't have a pressing use for the top tray, try adding a fun accent to it that will make your bathroom design more memorable. Since the tray is a bowl-like shape, consider creating your own custom matchboxes for guests to use. You can make custom matchboxes on sites like For Your Party and choose a cheeky slogan like "This Stinks" or a house slogan like "Come for the Drinks, Stay for the Company." You can then choose the colors and font that best match your bathroom aesthetic.

An extra large vertical holder

Do you have a ton of roommates or a large family? If so, then adding two or three rolls to the stand might have you rushing to refill it by the end of each week. To avoid that, consider investing in a tall, large-capacity holder. This won't take up a lot of space on the floor since its storage is vertical. It has a small footprint but can pack away six to eight rolls. Plus, there is a handy shelf on top that is perfect for your phone or a decorative accent, like a small candle. 

This particular stand is made to order by Custom Crafting Your Ideas. But if you're handy with a saw and hammer, you can DIY this yourself. First, you will need to choose the height of the tallest side. For example, if you want it to be 4 feet, the side with the shelf should be 4 feet, and the other side 3 feet. This accommodates the nook with the toilet paper roll. Toilet paper rolls are usually 4.5 inches wide, so create a base and shelving that is between 4.5 to 5 inches in width, depending on how snuggly you want the TP to fit inside.  

A discreet cart to hold everything from cleaning supplies to toilet brushes

If you want something more heavy-duty, consider getting a storage cart to house your toilet paper. These types of bathroom organizers have wheels, so they're easy to slip in and out from between the toilet and the wall or vanity. One side typically has a white steel or plastic panel that hides the inside contents from view, while the back is completely open, allowing easy access to stored bathroom items. This particular one can hold anything from a toilet brush to bathroom cleaning supplies, to TP, to flushable wipes. It's a great way to corral all those not-so-cute bathroom essentials into one organized place. 

The cart shown in the above video is the Yamazaki Slim Bathroom Rolling Cart, which retails for $145 on Amazon. It features a wooden top in a warm brown shade, which should blend in with most bathroom designs. However, if your vanity or bathroom door is a particular stain of wood and you want to match it, consider customizing this piece with some peel-and-stick wallpaper or contact paper. For example, if your cabinets are a soft maple with lots of cathedrals in the grain, then this type of maple peel-and-stick from Lowes could help transform the piece. Or if you have bathroom doors and trim with a dark walnut stain, then an adhesive wallpaper with a similar color and grain, such as this contact paper from Amazon, can do the trick. If you don't want to cover the genuine wood top with a plastic finish, you can also opt to sand it down and restain in a color to match your existing wood tones. 

A holder with discreet storage for wipes

If you love having flushable wipes near the toilet, you probably have been searching for clever ways to hide them close at hand. Some people store a pack in a basket right on the toilet tank lid, but if you prefer something a little more discreet, then this kind of toilet paper holder can help. Not only does it have a second vertical pole that stores extra rolls of TP, but it also has a covered black box on top that's perfect for a pack of wipes. If your household doesn't use flushable wipes, you can also store other things in the container, such as feminine hygiene products. 

This particular piece is the CISILY Black Toilet Paper Holder Stand, and it clocks in at $35 at Amazon. While convenient, one downside to this piece is that you can't use the lid as a shelf, whether it's for your phone or some décor. However, there are other products that can accommodate that, such as this bamboo toilet paper holder. It retails for under $30 on Amazon, and the lid swings sideways rather than flipping open. This allows you to keep an item on top of the lid, making the piece more useful.