Kohler Toilet Replacement Parts: Here's What You Need To Know Before Buying

Some homeowners aren't picky about the brand name of their toilet, while others are as they want to ensure they have an appliance that's going to last while requiring minimal toilet maintenance processes. One of the most trusted brand names is Kohler, as its products consistently appear on lists of high-rated toilets.

Sometimes, even a Kohler product needs replacement parts for any number of reasons. You might find yourself in a position where you need to figure out how to repair a running toilet or how to replace the toilet flush valve. What should you know about buying replacement parts for your Kohler toilet? The manufacturer recommends only using genuine parts from Kohler, even when you are doing a DIY repair. These parts meet the manufacturer's requirements for quality and reliability, ensuring that your appliance will continue to run as it did when you initially installed it. Additionally, all plumbing parts for Kohler products carry a one-year limited warranty.

Even though the manufacturer recommends using Kohler parts on your toilet, you probably will have to pay for them. You might be able to get your parts for free if your Kohler appliance is under warranty. To determine whether it is still under warranty, reach out to the Kohler customer service team or check out the manufacturer's warranty information for toilets.

How to obtain specific Kohler toilet replacement parts

To order replacement parts directly from the manufacturer, you first need to identify your toilet model. Kohler makes the process easy by offering an app. Visit the Kohler app page and take a photograph of your toilet that shows the entire fixture, along with the handle. The app then identifies your toilet brand and model. With the model on the screen, you can click the Product Details button or the Parts & Diagrams button. You then can identify exactly which part may be giving you problems, along with seeing the part number. Click on the part number, and Kohler will open the correct page with the replacement, so you can order it immediately.

If you cannot make the app work properly or if you prefer to simply find the part on your own, Kohler offers an online catalog that contains all the replacements available for its toilet products. The catalog has diagrams and photographs, making it easier to identify your model. You can search through the catalog to find your model and the number of the replacement that you need to order. Some local hardware stores do carry Kohler-branded replacement parts, but they may not have the exact one that you need for your repair project.

Can't I just use any replacement parts on my Kohler toilet?

Although the manufacturer recommends only using Kohler-branded replacement parts, you may not be able to find the right part at your local hardware store. If you want to do the repair immediately and not wait for the right Kohler-branded replacement part to arrive in the mail, you could try a universal replacement part, also called "will fit," from a local hardware store. This may not be the perfect fit for every model of toilet, but it should fit the majority of them adequately. However, don't expect the universal product to provide perfect results or to last as long as an official part. It's going to be slightly different from the original, potentially to comply with patent laws.

If you decide to use a will fit part, just make sure that it claims to work with the model of Kohler toilet you have. For example, Fluidmaster makes a toilet repair kit that it claims will work with Kohler toilets. Many Fluidmaster replacements will fit more than one brand of toilet. Korky also offers several different replacement parts that it says will fit Kohler toilets.