The DIY Dollar Tree Door Decor That Brings Summer Fun To Your Porch

If you're someone who enjoys DIY projects around the home, then you might be interested in crafting something for your front door. After all, what expresses inviting warm weather better than custom home decor you create yourself? However, you're probably wondering how to decorate a porch for summertime. Luckily, if you enjoy a good TikTok tutorial, you'll appreciate something shared by @daveswreaths. Just like you can DIY a spring wreath with cupcake liners, for this summer wreath, you just need a wreath form, rainbow-colored clothespins, and a welcome sign. 

This TikTok video uses a wooden wreath form. However, Dollar Tree currently only has metal wreath forms available online, but you can check your local Dollar Tree. You can purchase the 14.25-inch metal wreath form for $1.25, but keep in mind that it has too many rows of wire to work for this project as is. Using pliers, remove a row or two of metal. You want your wreath form to be wide enough to keep your safety pins securely in place but not so wide that you can see the metal. If you want a wooden wreath form, Michaels sells them for $2. 

Dollar Tree's website sells plain clothespins for $1.25, but you need rainbow-colored ones for this project. If you can't find colored ones at your local Dollar Tree, all you need is food coloring and white vinegar, and you can dye your clothespins any color you'd like! Additionally, Dollar Tree sells assorted 11-inch summer decor signs for $1.25, allowing you to create a custom front door wreath in no time.

Assemble your summertime Dollar Tree wreath

Once you have your wreath form and your clothespins ready to go, the fun begins! Clip your clothespins to your wreath, creating a rainbow effect. You can do any pattern you'd like — the goal is to have fun with your outdoor decor trends for summer. Once half of your wreath is covered with clothespins, insert your welcome sign. You should be able to clip it into place with ease. If you can't, you can always use a piece of wire to connect it to your wreath form. Once it's attached, complete lining your wreath form with clothespins. 

You'll need to attach your wreath to your door. You can punch a hole in your welcome insert and attach a zip tie, as in the video. Or if you don't have zip ties, you can use twine. You can also purchase welcome signs that come with attached twine, making this fun summer wreath easy to install after use. 

The great thing about this project is you can experiment with a variety of wreath forms. If you want a larger wreath, Dollar Tree sells an 18-inch metal wreath form for $1.25. It also sells square wreath forms or ribbon-shaped wreath forms for the same price. If you want to alter this hack, don't be afraid to purchase colorful ribbons and add them in between clothespins, adding a touch of whimsy to an already fun project.