Try This Cleaning Hack To Degrime Your Shower Head Without A Drop Of Vinegar

A relaxing, warm, and steamy shower is enjoyed by many, including bacteria. Microbes love the moist environment and could be having a party in your shower head as we speak. Avoiding a buildup of grime and bacteria is why you should clean the nozzle at least once every three months. However, showers used multiple times a day, especially in areas with hard water, require more frequent cleanings. Fortunately, there is an easy hack to degrime your shower head that doesn't require commercial descalers or vinegar — just lemons.

Using a cut lemon or lemon juice is one of the easiest ways to clean your shower head. The fruit's low pH is what makes it great for sanitizing the sprinkler. The acidity breaks down soap scum, hard water stains, and mineral deposits that can clog the device and cloud the shiny metal. Getting rid of all that gunk could potentially improve the water pressure, prevent blockage, and extend the life of your shower head. Then, you can enjoy a nice clean shower without the dirty audience.

When life gives you lemons, clean the shower head

For minor shower head stains, you only need a half-cut lemon or lemon juice and a sponge. Rub the soaked sponge or lemon wedge all over the sprinkler head until the stains fade and the grime loosens up. Then, rinse with water and dry the shower head with a microfiber cloth to reduce streaks. Alternatively, you can soak the nozzle in lemon juice for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing with water and wiping dry.

If the nozzle needs extra TLC you can use a coarse salt to help clean your shower head. Simply sprinkle the salt onto the lemon slice or mix it with lemon juice and swipe the solution to the sprayer. The salt will act as an abrasive scrubber to assist the acid in removing mildew, grease, and mineral build-up. So, don't throw out old lemons when you could use the scraps to clean your bathroom. The sour fruit is great for degriming the shower head and also tackling dirt on the shower walls, curtain, floor, and fixtures.