The 7 Best IKEA Shoe Cabinets, Ranked By Reviews

Whether in an entryway, mudroom, bedroom, or closet, keeping shoes neat and organized can be a challenge. If you're ready to upgrade from your run-of-the-mill rack, take things to the next level with a shoe cabinet. You can find footwear cabinets from different retailers, or you can even DIY your own shoe storage using big-box store cabinets. But if you're looking to browse best-selling solutions all in one place, IKEA has a solid inventory. 

Before you start shopping, you should know that IKEA shoe cabinets all have one important thing in common: they must be secured to the wall for proper stability and use. It's also important to note that IKEA does not include wall anchoring screws because not all wall types require the same anchors, per their website. While this caveat is shown in photos and detailed in each product's description, it can still be easy to miss. Thus, it's become a point of frustration for many unsuspecting customers. 

But ultimately, mounting accessories are not expensive. Nor is it too difficult to learn how to use drywall anchors and screws — which is most likely what you will need to do for any of these cabinets. So if you're not averse to drilling a few wall holes, and you're looking to tidy up your shoe situation, an IKEA cabinet could be the solution for you. But how do you choose the right one? IKEA produces more than half a dozen different designs. To help you pick out the perfect cabinet for your kicks, we've ranked the most popular pieces using price, customer ratings, and reviews. Here's how IKEA's shoe cabinets stack up against one another, according to buyers. 

7. Hide your footwear behind sliding doors with the MACKAPÄR shoe storage cabinet

The MACKAPÄR shoe cabinet is unique in that it's the only one of IKEA's shoe storage solutions that has a sliding door to hide the contents. The white unit has a relatively slim profile at 13 ¾ inches deep, and two units can be stacked on top of one another to increase vertical storage. You also have the option to install shelves either straight or at an angle to accommodate different shoe types. While the MACKAPÄR comes in at the lowest ranking on our list with a 4.1-star average rating over 139 customer reviews, the $99.99 unit still meets plenty of customers' needs, despite its quirks.

Largely positive reviews commend the MACKAPÄR's minimalistic design and ease of assembly. They also rave about the sliding doors and how they can help maximize storage space in a small home. Other reviews warn that the unit is not equipped to accommodate large shoe sizes. Most complaints about the unit stem from dissatisfaction with the three-leg design. Because the MACKAPÄR has three front legs and no back legs, it requires wall mounting to be stable. Despite this feature being shown in product photos on the IKEA website, it has still taken unsuspecting buyers by surprise. That said, the MACKAPÄR may not be the shoe cabinet for you if you have large feet or are looking to avoid the commitment of mounting it to the wall.

6. Maximize vertical space with the BRUSALI tilt-out shoe cabinet

Also priced at $99.99, the BRUSALI shoe cabinet offers three tilt-out sections for shoe storage in either white or a faux cherry wood finish. It includes a small shelf at the top that can be used to hold things you need to grab on your way out of the house, making it a strong contender for entryway use. In terms of style, it leans more traditional than the other shoe cabinets in IKEA's inventory, boasting shaker cabinet fronts and hardware with an oiled bronze look. With a 4.1-star average rating from 311 reviews, the BRUSALI offers style and utility for some, but with caveats to look out for.

Reviews for the BRUSALI shoe cabinet are for the most part positive. One customer calls it "cute" and another says that it has the "perfect size and design" for their tiny apartment. Where the piece falters most for customers is in assembly. Ease of assembly is the BRUSALI's lowest sub-rating at a 4.0-star average, with reviewers calling it "complicated" and "unclear." Buyers also complain that the screws included for assembly are too short, and others note that the doors of each compartment can be hard to open. If you like the look, don't wear a particularly large shoe size, are short on space, and don't mind a potentially tricky assembly process, the BRUSALI could be the shoe cabinet for you.

5. Keep things simple with the BISSA shoe storage unit

The BISSA is the second most affordable shoe storage cabinet in our lineup, landing at just $49.99 for a two-compartment unit. It has an incredibly minimal design, with tilt-out sections that have no exterior hardware. At only 11 inches deep, it is one of the narrower shoe cabinet options available at IKEA. From 47 reviews, the BISSA averages a 4.5-star rating with customers, who especially love the look of the piece. Its highest sub-rating lands at a 4.7-star average for appearance, with buyers calling it everything from cute and stylish to sleek and neat.

Generally, reviewers also seem impressed with how many pairs of shoes the BISSA fits — especially when it comes to children's footwear. One reviewer claimed to squeeze in a whopping 20 pairs! But while it may work as a way to add more storage space in your kid's room, it probably isn't the best pick for larger shoe sizes. However, if you love the look of the BISSA but want to accommodate more shoes, or fewer pairs of larger shoes, IKEA does sell it in a larger size with three compartments. The triple-compartment BISSA unit will run you $69.99. Regardless of the size you choose, the BISSA is a straightforward piece that offers design versatility in compact dimensions.

4. Optimize your narrowest spaces with the STÄLL shoe cabinet

The STÄLL shoe cabinet is marked as a best seller on IKEA's website, with a 4.5-star rating averaged from 48 customer reviews. It has four total compartments in a wider format than the cabinets included on the first part of this list. Seemingly based on its size, the STÄLL also takes a considerable jump in price from earlier rankings, costing $149.99. It also comes in at an impressively slim 6 ¾ inches deep, making it the shallowest of all of IKEA's available shoe cabinets — and ideal for maximizing storage space in a tight hallway.

Customer reviews make it clear that the STÄLL's standout feature is its ultra-thin profile. Buyers echo one another, raving about how the piece makes small entryways feel bigger and fits comfortably in narrow hallways. They also remark that the cabinet feels sturdy, and appreciate the open space beneath, which makes cleaning floors easier — especially in high-traffic areas like the hall or foyer. Some customers note issues with missing pieces for assembly and confusing instructions, however, these incidents seem to occur in the minority of experiences with the STÄLL. If you have a long, narrow space that won't fit a deeper cabinet, this shoe storage solution is one worth considering for your home.

3. Conceal shoes in style with the 2-compartment HEMNES unit

The HEMNES with two compartments in the black-brown colorway sits in the third spot on our list, with a 4.7-star average rating based on 127 customer reviews. It also comes in white, for those who prefer a light look. The HEMNES is similar in depth to the BRUSALI at 11 ¾-inches deep, but is the widest of all the other two-compartment models in this lineup, at 35 inches. It also boasts a small drawer at the top, made for tucking away on-the-go essentials, such as keys, sunglasses, and wallets. For the extra width and bonus drawer, the two-compartment HEMNES takes a considerable jump in price to $169.99.

Despite its cost compared to other shoe cabinets, customers seem to feel that the two-compartment HEMNES offers great value for their money. One reviewer calls it "a simple solution with a huge impact" for their family of five. Another says that it makes their bedroom space feel so much bigger, and one reviewer went so far as to call it a marriage saver. And multiple buyers say that it simply helps get shoes off of the floor. Negative reviews are minimal, with some complaining about missing assembly parts. But on the whole, the two-compartment HEMNES delivers on its promise to tuck shoes away — and looks good doing it.

2. Manage the most shoes with the 4-compartment HEMNES cabinet

The HEMNES with four compartments is our ranking's most expensive buy, at $179.99 per cabinet. But with that price comes more storage. This IKEA best seller has a comparable design to the STÄLL, but boasts larger dimensions, meaning more space for shoes. That said, the 8 ⅝-inch depth is still incredibly slim compared to most of the other shoe cabinets on the list. For its hefty price, the four-compartment HEMNES offers not only size, but value — reflected by 291 customer reviews and a 4.7-star average rating.

Customers love basically everything about the HEMNES with four compartments, though some warn again (like with most of these cabinets) that the unit does not come with wall mounting screws. As a result, its lowest average sub-rating sits at 4.3 stars for ease of assembly. However, it shines in the categories of "appearance" and "works as expected," with 4.8- and 4.7-star sub-ratings, respectively. Buyers sing the praises of the unit, mostly for its utility in hallways. One review calls the HEMNES "perfect feeling" and notes the solid surface on top of the unit — a great place for entryway items and décor opportunities. Whether you're trying to get the most out of a narrow hallway or transform your mudroom space to be more functional, this larger version of the HEMNES is likely to get the job done.

1. Store shoes and beyond with the ultra-popular IKEA TRONES units

Last, but certainly not least, the IKEA TRONES shoe cabinet tops our ranking in both customer satisfaction and affordability. For just $39.99, you can nab a two-pack of the top-rated, best-selling TRONES in black or white. The wall-mounted unit is crafted from easy-to-clean plastic, with a molded pull design. And the shallow, inset top surface of each cabinet offers the perfect place for setting down pocket miscellany. It also allows the cabinets to stack on top of one another for customizable storage space and layout. With a 4.8-star average rating from 415 customer reviews, the TRONES sets a high bar for IKEA's selection of shoe cabinets.

It almost goes without saying, but customers love basically everything about the TRONES. For shoe storage, they call the units "roomier than expected" and a "super stylish" piece for keeping shoes off the floor and out of sight. Another shared how they mounted theirs as a shoe storage solution in a small closet. But buyers also consistently hype up the TRONES for its versatility beyond accommodating just shoes. Handbags, paper files, laundry, DVDs, craft supplies, kids' toys — and even pasta — are just a few of the things that happy customers are hiding away in their TRONES. If you are in need of a reliable, lightweight shoe cabinet that you can add to as time goes on, this IKEA hotshot may be just the right addition to your home, as it's been for so many others.

Methodology: How we ranked IKEA's shoe cabinets

To rank IKEA's range of shoe cabinets, we first started by searching the retailer's website by the specific product. Then, we looked at all shoe cabinets based on the highest average customer rating. We also considered how many total customer ratings and reviews each cabinet had to define our final ranking.