The Popular IKEA Item That Frees Up Extra Kitchen Countertop Space In Style

Maintaining clutter-free kitchen countertops can seem impossible at times. You likely store appliances, cooking utensils, food, and other kitchen items on your countertops. This leaves little room to prepare food or display dishes during gatherings with family and friends. If you are searching for a way to increase countertop space, you might be interested in the IKEA RÅSKOG. You can place items like food, cookware, or small appliances in this cart so that you do not have to store them on your countertops.

The cart includes wheels on the bottom so that you can transport it around your kitchen. It is priced at $39.99. You might choose to store it out of sight in a closet or large pantry. With all of the extra counter space you will have after transferring items to this cart, your space will likely become a lot more functional. If you have a small kitchen that easily becomes cramped, this space-saving solution will hopefully be a huge relief.

How to use the IKEA RÅSKOG to free up countertop space

The IKEA RÅSKOG utility cart includes three shelves, allowing for plenty of room to store your items. The TikTok video posted by @kissycatdoll provides an idea of how this cart could be used in a kitchen. You may have noticed that the content creator used storage bins to create sections within the cart's shelves. If you would like to recreate this organization method, you might want to snag a few Essentials Clear Rectangular Drawer Organizers from Dollar Tree. This is one of the most affordable alternatives as these containers are $1.25 each.

After adding the storage bins to the IKEA RÅSKOG shelves, @kissycatdoll placed fruit and veggies on the bottom of the cart. The top shelf was used to store seasonings, cooking oils, and utensils. The content creator was able to place an impressive amount of items in the RÅSKOG, suggesting that you may be able to clear off an entire countertop or kitchen island by moving things into the cart. This will leave you with plenty of room to prepare food or display decor.

More about the IKEA RÅSKOG

The IKEA RÅSKOG will likely fit your kitchen's aesthetic because it comes in three different colors. You can choose from either black, white, or yellow. If none of those colors suit your space, you may want to consider spray painting the cart a color of your choice. For those considering storing heavier appliances on the cart, you should know that each shelf can hold up to 13 pounds. A toaster or small coffee maker could be stored on the RÅSKOG without issue.

As for care and maintenance, keeping the cart in good shape is super simple. Just wipe the product down with a damp cloth and soapy water when necessary. Use a separate cloth to dry the cart when you are finished. Since the RÅSKOG is made of sturdy, durable steel, it should be long lasting if it is cared for properly. If you are still skeptical about this product, you should know that it has an impressive five star rating on the IKEA website. All in all, it seems that the RÅSKOG is a great choice for those looking to maximize kitchen countertop space.