Cleaning Your Dryer's Lint Trap Is So Much Easier With This Genius Dollar Tree Hack

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You probably already know that it's important to clean the lint from your dryer after every load, as an excess amount of lint can lead to your machine not drying your clothes properly and is also a household fire risk. However, it can sometimes be a struggle to get all the lint out of the trap and the vent, especially if it's difficult to reach or really narrow. That's where this genius and highly affordable hack comes in – a cleaning brush for baby bottles from Dollar Tree is all you need to easily remove every bit of that lint and keep your dryer in tip-top shape.

It may seem counterintuitive to use a scrub brush for baby bottles to get the lint out of your dryer, but they're actually surprisingly similar to brushes that are already on the market for clothes dryers. The major difference is the price: While the Brushtech dryer lint brush is over $8 on Amazon, Dollar Tree's Angel of Mine Baby Bottle Brushes are just $1.25 each and should work just as well. If you use this clever hack for cleaning out your dryer lint trap regularly, you'll have peace of mind for a dollar and change.

How to clean your dryer's lint trap with a baby bottle brush

This hack is great because the Dollar Tree brush can clean the trap itself as well as the vent. To start with, take your lint trap out of your dryer, remove most of the lint by hand or with a vacuum, and set the trap aside. Now, use your brush to reach into the vent that holds the trap. As you work, you'll discover that lint often gets past the trap and stuck inside the vent. It should cling to the brush, allowing you to pull it out in clumps. You can also keep the vacuum hose handy to suck up the lint as your brush removes it, but that's assuming you don't want to keep it (there are plenty of reasons to save your dryer lint).

Your Dollar Tree baby bottle brush can be used to clean the screen of your lint trap as well. Sometimes lint or residue from your laundry supplies can clog this screen, but you can quickly wash it away with your brush. Soak the brush in hot water and add a few drops of dish soap before scrubbing away the grime from your lint trap. Just make sure to rinse the entire trap so that no soap is left behind and allow it to dry completely before putting it back in your dryer.