The Beautiful Flooring Material HGTV's Hilary Farr Recommends For A Flawless Interior

When choosing a flooring material for your home, you may gravitate toward something plain and practical. However, your home might benefit from a more unconventional flooring pattern. This can add unique visual appeal that makes your living space stand out from others. This is exactly what HGTV star Hilary Farr did when she added a gorgeous herringbone wood floor throughout her home. The interior designer took to Instagram to share photos of how the flooring pattern was incorporated throughout her space to create a flawless interior.

Farr is one of the many homeowners who are fans of this design element, as the herringbone patterned wood floor trend has become increasingly popular in recent years. If you aren't familiar with herringbone floors, they consist of a zigzag pattern that resembles the bones of the fish of the same name. It is believed that the herringbone flooring pattern was created during the Roman Empire, so it is a tried-and-true design element.

Hilary Farr installed herringbone flooring in her home

As you can see in the Instagram photos shared to Hilary Farr's account, the star used the wooden herringbone flooring in what appears to be her living room and hallways. The material seems to have also been installed in a kitchen in the background of one of the photos. The herringbone flooring compliments the design elements used throughout the home. For example, the unconventional zigzag pattern pairs well with other offbeat features, like the blue sofa. However, the flooring is not so bold that it clashes with the equally unconventional design elements used throughout the home.

Farr's herringbone flooring idea is just bold enough without being overbearing, making it a super versatile option. The former "Love It or List It" star shared more about the flooring installation in the caption of the Instagram post. "The stars aligned when I met Mike and Jim at @ncinhomeflooring," she penned in part. "Thank you for your tirelessness to create the extraordinary in my home. It was a challenge from Day 1 and you met it head on. The workmanship is beyond anything I was expecting. The result is this flawless Herringbone floor."

What you should know before installing herringbone flooring

If Farr inspired you to have herringbone flooring installed in your home, there are a few things you should know before moving forward. As far as pricing, you can expect to pay about $12 per square foot for materials. You will need to factor in the cost of labor as well. Since herringbone installation is a bit more difficult to install due to its irregular pattern, you may want to hire professionals to get the job done. Overall, herringbone is more expensive than other wood flooring options

Although this flooring is not the cheapest option, the cost may still be worth it. This is because herringbone floors might actually improve your home's value. Homes with this flooring are often more appealing to potential buyers. Herringbone can last decades if cared for properly, so you will also save money by avoiding frequent repairs and upgrades. With all of the perks of this flooring pattern, it is no surprise that Farr selected it for her own home.