Modern Exterior Paint Trends Home Town's Erin Napier Recommends

When it comes to home design, are you a risk-taker who is willing to try something different? Or have you gone for a cookie-cutter feel? Your home's exterior can provide some insight into that choice largely through the colors you use. Design expert Erin Napier loves choosing exterior colors and has some wisdom on the latest trends to hop on. "Choosing paint colors is my absolute favorite part of the process on 'Home Town,'" she says in a May 28 Instagram video. She then recommends dark colors for the building, lighter shades for the trim, and additional hues that can enhance the accents around the exterior.

A home's exterior determines what the first impression will be like. Whether you're welcoming guests or potential homebuyers, the building's paint, trim, roof, and front door will give them an idea of what your personal style is and what to expect when they walk in. For example, a deep blue, black, or gray exterior can be the setup for a moody, mysterious home space, but if your intention is to create a welcoming, serene interior, then take another tip from Erin Napier who thinks sage green is the perfect paint shade for a homey exterior.

Pair a dark exterior with a light trim

The first trend "Home Town" host Erin Napier recommends is dark colors for the exterior because they make a statement. When every home on the block is opting for the usual light, soft colors, a dark exterior will help your home stand out and show that you're different. Another benefit of this color type is that it can hide any imperfections on the building's surface. If you live in a hot climate, though, you might need to avoid dark exterior house colors despite these benefits because the sun can increase the temperature and make it uncomfortable in warmer seasons.

For the trim, Napier suggests choosing a lighter color, but one that doesn't make a stark difference. "I think we keep it in the same family, maybe just go two shades lighter [on the paint card]," she explains in the same HGTV clip. A close shade that's lighter will add a contrast that can maintain a cohesive look. You can also use the same paint card to pick out or at least inspire you for the colors to use on the windows and front door. Before deciding on both colors, consider another piece of advice Erin Napier has for painting your home's exterior, which is to swatch a few options first to test them before committing. This way, you can see if the shades you chose do really well together or determine if you need to pick another option from the paint card, for example.

Add color to the accents

Another modern exterior paint trend Erin Napier wants you to consider is adding an enhancing shade to the outdoor accents. There are many different types of accents out there like columns, gables, rafters, and louvers, and these can take on a character of their own with a different shade than the exterior or trim — especially when they are in a material like wood. When adding color to these accents, the idea is to use a warm shade so the combination with the dark exterior can strike a comfortable aesthetic balance.

In the home she's working on in the Instagram post, Erin Napier decides to use a stain and sealing product on the wooden columns so it enhances their natural color but also protects them from the elements. This is another thing you can learn from her about painting your exterior, because you want a paint or stain that will stay in place for a long time so the building maintains a good appearance.