Customize Your IKEA SODERHAMN Sofa With TikTok's Creative DIY Design Tips

It's no secret why people can't get enough of IKEA's SODERHAMN sofa design. Its customizability means you can truly make the couch all your own. However, there are ways to add even more personal touches that go beyond adding or removing chaises and arms. One of the easiest ways is to switch up the cushion covers. 

IKEA's SODERHAMN range is sold in eight different colors, with both neutral and colorful options available. However, if you're not finding any of those to your liking, don't think you need to give up on this popular sofa. As a number of TikTokers have pointed out, they've replaced the original covers with their own. That's definitely a major perk for anyone whose personal preference extends beyond the options of grays, beiges, rust, red, and turquoise. 

For one, you could head to Petbitats on Etsy for cushion covers specifically made for SODERHAMN sofas. Starting at around $160 for a set, they're available in a wide range of fabrics and colors and even offer claw-proof materials for pet parents. Alternatively, if you have a penchant for patterns, you could order floral covers from ABCloth, also available on Etsy, with sets starting at $134. That said, you could lower costs even further if you're comfortable sewing. Simply check the dimensions of your cushions, order some 6-inch thick cushion foam off Amazon for around $30, then head to your local fabric store for something you really love. 

How to make your SODERHAMN sofa more comfortable

Another major plus for anyone with an IKEA SODERHAMN sofa is that it's easy enough to increase the comfort level. SODERHAMN sofas are known to get a little uncomfortable over time because their cushions are incredibly thin. So, why not change that? 

One option for rounder, fuller couch cushions is adding some additional foam to the cushions. As an aside, if you're getting cushion covers made, there's no limit to how thick you'd like your cushions to be — just be sure to stay mindful of the SODERHAMN's frame's dimensions to make sure everything will still fit. Because the cushions aren't attached to the frame itself, going too big could make for a rather tricky situation. However, you can add on a ton of cozy throw pillows. Amazon sells sets of four for just over $20, but if you'd prefer to match it with the fabric you're using for the sofa, they also sell plain inserts at a similar price point. If you opt to go this route, it's super easy to fake extra volume using a smaller pillowcase

The best part about a SODERHAMN sofa is that it can be customized in just about any way you choose, from 2-seaters to 4-seaters–and from conventional couches to sectional ones. Swapping out cushions for ones better aligned with your preferences and comfort is just the cherry on top.