DIY A Firewood Rack With This Practically Free Wood Pallet Hack

Whether you're looking for a way to easily store your firewood, keep it dry, or create a movable rack to transport your wood, this budget-friendly DIY firewood storage hack is perfect for you. With just some wood pallets, a drill, and screws, you can craft a place to keep your firewood without breaking the bank or having to build a shed. There are several ways to construct your pallet firewood storage depending on your needs. If your goal is to keep the wood dry, you'll want to put a roof on your project, but if you're trying to make a quick storage solution that can be moved, you may want the top open.

Because this DIY hack pretty much only requires wood pallets and a way to attach them, it won't cost much at all, especially if you already have screws and a drill — or even a hammer and nails, though this could be more labor-intensive. There are various places to find free pallets near you, such as retail stores or online. If you'd like, you could also use wood stain or paint to make your firewood rack look nicer, though it's not necessary. With this easy project, you can craft a functional firewood rack for next to nothing.

Building your pallet firewood rack

For a simple, transportable firewood rack, you will need three pallets that are the same size, as well as some planks of scrap wood. If you don't already have scrap wood lying around, you could saw planks off another pallet. Start by placing one pallet, which will be the bottom of your rack, on the ground. Now, stand your other two pallets across from each other on top of the first one. This will form a sort of U-shaped box. Drill your side pallets into the base, using as many screws as necessary for stability.

With your scrap wood, make supports for your firewood rack. This will help with the structural integrity as well as prevent the firewood from falling out. You could have two planks diagonally connecting a side piece and the bottom of each open side. Supports might also be added to connect the two side pallets at the top. If your rack seems wobbly, attach more planks horizontally across the open sides. This rack should be able to hold a fair amount of logs and be easily carried to your home from your chopping block by two people. With this incredibly simple pallet wood project even beginners can do, you'll be able to save money while constructing a great firewood rack.

Alternative methods to DIY an inexpensive firewood rack

If you're just looking for a place to keep your firewood, start by cutting several planks off a few pallets. Use one long pallet for the base of your rack, and build rectangular sides along the shorter end of your base pallet. This can be done by screwing tree planks together to form a U shape and then connecting the open end to the side of your base. Secure them by attaching more planks diagonally across the bottom to better connect the base and the sides. With this method, your rack won't be as tall and may need to be placed against an outdoor wall, as it will only have two sides holding the wood in place. 

Alternatively, you might want your firewood rack to have more secure sides and a roof to protect your wood from the weather. For this method, screw three upright pallets onto a base pallet, similar to the first option mentioned. This will leave one side and the top open. By making one of the side pallets slightly taller than the one opposite it, you can make a slanted roof that will help rain slide right off. Simply attach another pallet to the top of your structure to complete your rack. If you're worried rain could still seep through the wood, you can tie a tarp over it, or if you have a little room in your budget, you could add roof shingles.