The Clever Pool Noodle Hack That'll Save Your Hands When Doing Yard Work

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Whether you're clearing out your garden, raking up leaves, or gathering grass clippings after mowing the lawn, using a rake for a long period of time can leave your hands feeling sore and blistered. Wearing gardening gloves while raking can offer protection from developing sore spots, but your hands can get quite sweaty and uncomfortable if you're working in the hot sun. Fortunately, TikTok user @jmg8tor shared a clever idea for preventing painful blisters: Use a pool noodle on a rake's handle to cushion your hands.

Not only is this hack super easy to create, but it's also incredibly inexpensive. All you'll need to complete this quick project is a pool noodle and some WD-40. If you don't already have the materials on hand, expect to pay under $10 in total. This pool noodle from Amazon costs under $2, while an 8-ounce can of WD-40 at Home Depot is under $7.

Creating a cushioned handle with a pool noodle

To begin, spray the WD-40 inside one end of the pool noodle. Then, carefully slide your rake's handle inside the noodle. Voila! A cushioned handle with a comfortable grip that will help prevent blisters as you're working in the yard or garden. This hack may also be helpful if you have any issues with carpal tunnel, arthritis, or your overall grip strength, as the pool noodle widens the rake's handle, making it easier to maneuver.

While this pool noodle hack is great for making it easier to rake your leaves, you may also find it helpful when shoveling snow. If you are gardening, try using this trick on the handle of a garden hoe to minimize any potential blisters. For inside the house, a pool noodle can also be inserted onto a broom or mop handle to help give your hands some extra cushion when cleaning your floors.