Experts Are Loving Cameron Diaz's Trendy Kitchen Backsplash Design

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Cameron Diaz is a beloved actress who steals the spotlight anytime she is in front of the camera — except in her cooking videos. It's not even the food that has everyone talking (although it looks delicious) but the backdrop — the Hollywood star's luxurious kitchen. In particular, it's her marble backsplash that experts love. The white marble stone is deeply veined with black and gray detailing. The artistic streaks create contrast within the stone and act as a focal point in Diaz's kitchen, as the surrounding fixtures, appliances, and cabinetry are subtle. Multiple interior designers have raved about the backsplash and favored different aspects of it.

The black and white marble is an elegant upgrade from Diaz's old kitchen, which had classic white subway tiles. Part of why this new look has caught the eyes of design experts is that the gorgeous marble pairs well with the warm wood accents and gold hardware in the room. According to the industry pros, Diaz is right on trend, and her kitchen is proof that slab backsplashes and luxurious looks aren't going out of style anytime soon.

A marble slab backsplash is the pinnacle of fine design

One look at Cameron Diaz's kitchen, and it's no surprise why expert interior designers are talking about it. "Cameron Diaz's slab backsplash is a striking feature that exemplifies the growing trend of using large, unbroken pieces of stone in kitchen design," Nina Lichtenstein, founder and principal designer at her namesake studio, told Home & Gardens. Slab backsplashes are sleek and seamless, which creates a heightened sense of unity in the design. Diaz capitalized on this feature by pairing the stone with matching countertops. However, it's not just the phenomenal design and cohesion that experts love but also the contemporary aesthetic.

"The eye-catching marble in Cameron's kitchen sets the tone for understated elegance," designer Jacqueline Gonçalves of Moksa Studio shared with Livingetc

Sam Greig, senior designer at Swoon, would agree. He told Tom's Guide, "Cameron Diaz's kitchen is a prime example of understated luxury — a huge trend we are expecting to flourish in 2024. It looks lavish, expensive and chic but it also maintains a warm and inviting vibe." The actress nailed the quiet luxury decor trend, striking the perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity. And fortunately, you don't have to be a movie star to get the same look.

Get the look of Cameron Diaz's marble backsplash

There are ways you can steal the look of Cameron Diaz's stunning kitchen in your own home for less. Instead of a full remodel, where you'd need to hire a professional to install a custom marble slab, you can do a quick renovation with adhesive tiles. Home Depot's White Marble Vinyl Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash has gray detailing that is a subtle nod to Diaz's striking stone. You can adhere peel-and-stick tiles over your existing backsplash for an easy upgrade. Plus, you can remove them without any damage whenever the next celebrity kitchen sparks inspiration.

Another option is marble wallpaper. Amazon's White Marble Contact Paper is a close match to Diaz's backsplash and has a waterproof film so it can stand up to kitchen mayhem. However, for extra protection, finish the wallpaper with a varnish to combat scratching too. You can even use the contact paper over your countertops to mimic the Hollywood star's matching marble counters. It's a look that amplifies several kitchen design styles, from Victorian to modern.