Seeing Is Believing With The Battery-Powered Reolink Argus 4 Pro Camera

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When you have something you love, you want to protect it, and an extra pair of eyes goes a long way to help safeguard the things you love. Security cameras are one of the easiest ways to make your property more secure, and Reolink has been making quality cameras for over 15 years to help you protect what you care about. However, seeing their latest offering in action was something else.

Recently, Reolink set out to create a game-changing battery-powered camera. From their quest for innovation and customer satisfaction, the Reolink Argus 4 Pro was born. The latest camera in the Argus series has a 180-degree horizontal scope, 4K resolution, 30% more battery life, and 24/7 color vision. We got a look at the Reolink Argus 4 Pro during the company's unveiling event and the product exceeded expectations. 

"The previous cameras are more geared, in terms of design, towards people that have a strong need for security, for professionals," Fabrice Klohoun, Reolink's marketing manager, told House Blog. However, with the Reolink Argus 4 Pro, "It's generally for anyone that has or doesn't have a need for security, but wants a device to be able to monitor their property, or their surroundings, or home when they're not around — that's who it is for."

Enjoy optimal clarity and coverage with the Reolink Argus 4 Pro

When it comes to choosing the best security system, you want a camera that covers a large field and does so with the utmost clarity. The Reolink Argus 4 Pro pulls this off with its 180-degree scope and night color vision. The camera has two lenses that capture one wide-field panoramic video in ultra-clear 4K resolution. The image is seamless; say goodbye to warped edges or a fishbowl effect that compromises clarity when monitoring your property.

Better yet, the crystal clear image you get at 10 in the morning, thanks to sunlight, you can also get at 10pm, as the company's ColorX Technology makes the most out of low light settings. The innovation allows for the Reolink Argus 4 Pro to capture full-color night vision surveillance. You can also access this footage from the Reolink app and record surveillance without a monthly subscription. Thankfully, the Wi-Fi 6 connection allows for smooth streaming with no delays. Plus, there's end-to-end encryption, so you don't have to worry about a video of you mowing the lawn making the rounds on the dark web. 

Easily install your Reolink Argus 4 Pro anywhere

While you shouldn't install security cameras in hard-to-see places, you can install your Reolink Argus 4 Pro almost anywhere. Since the device is completely wireless and waterproof, it can be mounted to trees or walls, or be deployed indoors as a nanny cam. With a simple twist, you can easily unmount it when it's time to charge. Looking for extra battery life? You can upgrade your device with a solar panel to have it charging continuously, or simply use its USB-C adapter, where 10 minutes of charging powers your camera for 24 hours and a full charge can last for weeks.

Featuring two-way audio, the Argus 4 Pro also allows you to talk to your furry friends or thank the delivery personnel for your package when you're away. There is also a siren feature in case you need to scare off any unwanted guests. Plus, with Reolink's AI detection, the camera differentiates between people, animals, and vehicles, so you're not littered with false alarms when birds fly by. After checking out the Argus 4 Pro in person, there's little doubt that this Reolink camera is great for anyone who needs an extra set of eyes but doesn't wish to flush money down the drain on a complicated and pricey security system.