55 Creative Backsplash Ideas For Your Kitchen

When it comes to making the best (and avoiding the worst) upgrades to your kitchen, you'll want to make sure that whatever you end up with is both functional and stylish, which means considering various aspects of the space. For instance, you'll want to look into different types of countertops and kitchen island options. You'll also want to choose the perfect backsplash.

If you're unaware, the backsplash is the space above your kitchen counters or appliances and often below cupboards or shelves, per Martha Stewart. Having a backsplash can help protect the wall from splatters that might come from the food that you're preparing. It's also a way to add a pop of color or a punch of pattern.

While you could, of course, opt for something that's simple and straightforward, why not choose something that's interesting and eye-catching? If that piques your interest, then check out these 55 creative backsplash ideas for your kitchen.

1. Faux brick backsplash

Your home doesn't have to have exposed brick walls to enjoy a loft-like look. Opt for a faux brick backsplash by using brick-patterned wallpaper or fake brick panels, as Crafty Designs suggests.

2. Mural backsplash

Murals can be a fun way to add art to a room without the need for frames. When done as a kitchen backsplash, your mural could include images of food, a favorite restaurant, or (like the one seen here) shafts of waving wheat.

3. Glittery mirrored tile backsplash

Bring the party to your kitchen via your dazzling décor choices! With tiles that are both mirrored and glittery, this creative backsplash is like a shiny disco ball.

4. Ombre backsplash

If you love an ombré look when it comes to hair, then you might adore that same style on your backsplash. Joel Warren, owner of The Salon Project, told Good Housekeeping that "ombré means from dark to light," which is what you can see with these red tiles that fade into white as they move up the wall.

5. Gorgeous green backsplash

Subway tile backsplashes have been popular for quite a while now but are usually seen in white. However, you can shake things up and add a pop of gorgeous color to your kitchen by using forest green subway tiles.

6. Wonderfully sleek wood backsplash

Wood can be used in many ways to create an attractive addition to your kitchen. However, this one is creative thanks to the fact that it appears to use a single sleek piece of wood for the entire backsplash panel.

7. Marvelous marble backsplash

Marble can feel like a safe choice thanks to the fact that it seems to always look classy and stylish. However, instead of opting for simple marble, try choosing a marble that boasts a stunning range of shades and a striking natural design. If marble is too pricey, you can put up a faux marble backsplash instead.

8. Glassy baby blue backsplash

When it comes to where your backsplash should start and where it should end, that really depends on your kitchen and your personal preference. For instance, this modern space uses beautiful glassy light blue tiles to span the entire area above the counters and around both the range and the window.

9. Super long and thin tile backsplash

An enviably sleek style is done right in this attractive kitchen. That's in part thanks to the super long and thin tiles that are used to create a backsplash that gives off a minimalist yet compelling impression.

10. Eye-catching extra backsplash

Your entire kitchen backsplash doesn't have to be dramatically different. Consider including a single section that's somewhat varied when it comes to the colors, design, or material and can protect certain areas of your wall — like above the stove — while also adding an extra eye-catching aspect.

11. Bold black backsplash

A black backsplash doesn't have to be bland, and this creative option certainly proves that's true. In fact, the subtle lighter flecks in the dark length as well as the use of gold cupboard doors make this a beautifully bold choice.

12. Dramatic design backsplash

A backsplash can almost be like a work of art. This one — which uses a gold, blue, and cream design which has been installed behind the stovetop and hood — is a dramatic addition to this elegant kitchen.

13. Frosted glass backsplash

Frosted glass blocks can be a popular choice for the bathroom, but have you ever thought about using them in your kitchen? By creating a backsplash out of the glass that can come in a range of options, you're giving the space an added visual delight as well as potential privacy while also letting in light.

14. Colorful speckled backsplash

If you love color but don't want your kitchen to be overwhelmed by different shades, then this might be the ideal option for your space. A neutral background that is a slightly lighter shade than the cabinets and cupboard doors is delightfully covered with specks of nature-based colors.

15. Daisy floral backsplash

There's no doubt that daisies look lovely in a flower garden. However, a daisy pattern can also be a beautiful and creative kitchen backsplash. Simply using white, black, and spots of yellow, the flowers seem to weave their way up the wall.

16. Triangular tile backsplash

Not all tiles are square or rectangular. Triangular-shaped tiles can create a unique and dynamic look for your backsplash. This marble-like option does just that while featuring different sizes of shapes with button-like circular gold pieces in the center of each formation.

17. Backsplash of lively lines

The colors used in this creative backsplash would be beautiful enough on their own as would the stone-like matte surface of each tile. However, the lines that adorn them all add an extra level of attractiveness to this design.

18. High-gloss stone wave backsplash

Grey is a popular choice for those who want a modern and chic home. This kitchen shows you how to use the passive shade while also providing plenty of counter space, cupboards, and drawers. That's not to mention the glossy backsplash with a wave of grey, black, white, and a touch of gold across two walls.

19. Vertical wood panel backsplash

Wood paneling is something that you might associate with the outside of a home. However, it can look just as good inside and, as a backsplash, can give your kitchen a charming country vibe. Try placing them vertically to draw the eye upwards and make your walls seem taller.

20. Big and little tiled backsplash

If you can't choose between big tiles and little tiles, then go for both! This fun backsplash design uses large black rectangular tiles with smaller tiles in two different sizes of squares and various shades of grey to create a unique look.

21. Chic sparkling backsplash

Adding a glittery touch to your kitchen can be done with a bit of class if you do it in the perfect way. Just take a peek at this chic and creative backsplash that offers a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of style.

22. Tiny tiled, boldly patterned backsplash

Small tiles that make up an intricate backsplash can give your kitchen some major pizzazz. If you're intimidated by the idea of dealing with so many tiny pieces, don't worry! Many smaller tiles come in full sheets held together with a mesh backing so you can easily put them up yourself, per the DIY Network.

23. Classic diner checkered backsplash

Vintage home design trends have seen a resurgence in popularity. Jump on that trend by giving your kitchen the aesthetic of a retro diner, including a black and white checkered backsplash.

24. Mirror backsplash

Make your kitchen look bigger than it is by installing a creative backsplash made of mirrors. Although they might occasionally be splattered with food, we have a handy mirror cleaning trick that you can put to good use.

25. Horizontal accent backsplash

While a backsplash can make use of the majority of a wall or stretch up vertically, you could also consider a horizontal option. These tiles that feature a range of artistic designs are arranged in a row that is in the center of the wall, which adds a pleasing accent to the space.

26. Brightly colored backsplash

This backsplash made of brightly colored tiles will put you in a mood that's just as cheerful every time you see it. The tiles have also been used as diamonds on one wall and squares on the other, which adds another level of interest for your eyes.

27. Not-so-random tiled backsplash

This red and white background may seem to be boasting a wonderfully random design, but look a little closer. You might notice that the way the tiles have been placed behind the sink are the same as the ones that start behind the oven.

28. Curved backsplash

If you feel like flat is boring and love a touch of texture, then you may fall in love with this creative backsplash. Featuring tiles that curve in and then out, you'll adore both the shape and the lines as well as the shadows they cast.

29. Mosaic tile grid backsplash

One of these reasons mosaic tiles are so desirable is because they can be used in so many gorgeous ways. Just take a look at these tiny tiles that are laid out across the wall and form a stunning pallet of colors that look like they were inspired by a beach right by the water.

30. Thin horizontal wood panel backsplash

When you embrace a design that leans towards a minimalist aesthetic, then having one aspect of the décor that's slightly more complicated can make a big difference when it comes to the overall look. That's why this creative backsplash — that uses thin, horizontal pieces of wood with golden tones — works so well.

31. Hexagon fishnet tile backsplash

When you hear fishnets, you might automatically think of statement-making tights. However, that same sort of look can make a very different and super-stylish impression when used as a kitchen backsplash.

32. Honeycomb backsplash

Similar to the hexagon fishnet tiles, these six-sided shapes will look fabulous in your kitchen. Once on the wall as a backsplash, they give off a honeycomb vibe which is ideal for an eating space.

33. Mixed mini blue tiled backsplash

Pairing this beautiful blue mini-tiled, multi-toned backsplash wall with bright yellow cabinetry will definitely please the rainbow-lover in your life — especially if you add a red-rimmed clock and green table to complete the colorful look. However, this creative backsplash would look just as good with cabinets that were more subtle if that's what you prefer.

34. Traditional mosaic tile backsplash

When you think of mosaic tiles, there's a very good chance that you imagine something that resembles this particular backsplash. You'll surely receive compliments on the artistic design that centers on a star-like pattern in white, blue, green, and rosy amber.

35. Cube-like backsplash

Your backsplash will pop in a 3D kind of way if you opt for wallpaper or tiles that use cube-like shapes. Thanks to the simple lines which make up a surprisingly intricate impression, this could work in pretty much any combo of colors. For instance, blue shapes with cream lines or green lines with blush-shaded shapes.

36. Geometric bubbly backsplash

Geometric shapes can definitely be pleasing to the eye. That's especially true when they look like bubbly light blue clouds and are used as an adorably stylish and creative kitchen backsplash.

37. Sporadic geometric backsplash

While your first instinct might be to place geometric tiles in a proper pattern, why not try something a little different? Opt to place your tiles in seemingly sporadic spots and you'll find yourself with a truly unique kitchen backsplash.

38. Intentionally uneven backsplash

This backsplash may appear to be unfinished, but this is exactly how it's supposed to look. With geometric tiles cut to line the counter perfectly, the top shapes have been left whole to slightly and unevenly climb up the wall.

39. Breakaway tile backsplash

This backsplash starts out on the one side with the tiles placed perfectly together, which certainly looks lovely. However, on the other side, the tiles begin to break away in an unexpected and wonderfully creative way that almost extends the design into the next room and helps to connect the two spaces.

40. Textured backsplash

This is another creative backsplash that looks simpler than it really is and reveals more as you get closer. Along with the staggered black, grey, and white shades, the tiles actually have a subtly textured surface.

41. Diamond backsplash

The old saying may suggest that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but who wouldn't love diamonds when they're used as a stylish backsplash? These white tiles are accented with lines in a marble grey that's just as classy as the shapes themselves.

42. Bohemian backsplash

You can achieve a boho-chic look in your bedroom by using natural materials and artisanal accents. And if you want that same kind of vibe in your kitchen, then consider a bohemian-esque backsplash that takes advantage of the same natural tones and handcrafted look.

43. Colorful stone backsplash

Using stone as a backsplash may seem like a common choice. However, thanks to the fact that natural stone comes in a wide range of colors, you could use a rather unusual shade — such as this greyish-green tone — to get something a little more unique. Consider what marble, limestone, and quartz have to offer, per Marble Concepts.

44. Colorful aged stone backsplash

New stone can offer you a pristine look that you may love for your kitchen backsplash. But stone — or tiles that mimic the look of natural stone — that have an aged and even sun-faded look can be a stunning alternative option.

45. Blue-washed thin barn wood backsplash

Choosing to put up a wood backsplash doesn't mean that you have to give up bright colors. This creative kitchen backsplash made up of thin, vertical pieces of wood has been painted with a blue wash so that the natural details still come through.

46. Bright yellow backsplash

The idea of a bright yellow backsplash might sound a little overwhelming. But this kitchen shows how darker details — such as the appliances, drawers, shelves, and flooring — can tone it down in a way that doesn't dampen any of the vibrancy.

47. Creatively chaotic backsplash

Get the most out of your backsplash by choosing tiles that are packed with different yet matching designs. Mix them all on your wall to create a backsplash that's creatively and pleasantly chaotic.

48. Vibrant blue grid backsplash

All-white kitchens can come across as stark and cold. However, all you need to do is add a grid backsplash of tiles in vibrant colors like this bright blue to give the space some style.

49. Itty-bitty tiled backsplash

There are large tiles, small tiles, and mini tiles. And then there are itty-bitty tiles like the one used for this backsplash. Giving you the option to use as many colors as you want, this version that sticks with white, black, and greys gives you an idea of the kind of squarely-speckled result that you could achieve.

50. Black slate backsplash

When you think of black slate, it might not seem like the most exciting option for your kitchen backsplash. However, just check out how chic, how sleek, and how heavenly it can look when in a kitchen with ideal accents and when it's hit with just the right light.

51. Ornately accented backsplash

Achieving an ornate look doesn't have to be difficult. This uncomplicated design with lovely curves and flower-like touches on a cream, beige, and sandy-colored backsplash is simple in a fabulously fancy way.

52. Black and white circular backsplash

First, opt for the simplicity of a black and white backsplash. Then, add a creative twist by also choosing tiles that boast a design of striking circles and you'll end up with something that mixes traditional patterns with a chic modern style.

53. Green acrylic backsplash

Natural stone and ceramic or porcelain tiles may be among the most popular options when it comes to kitchen backsplashes, according to The Spruce. However, they're not the only materials that you can use. Check out this dark green backsplash that takes advantage of how shiny and sleek acrylic can be when installed on your wall.

54. Molded plaster tile backsplash

If you can't decide between the wide range of lovely designs that exist when it comes to block tiles that could be used for your backsplash, then you might want to consider the relatively affordable plaster options. Pick up a variety of tiles that have been molded with different designs, each one prettier than the last.

55. Chalkboard backsplash

Why settle for just one option when you could have a backsplash that's always changing? Use chalkboard paint to create a fun space to decorate — and redecorate again and again — your kitchen with fun doodles.