60 Gorgeous Landscaping Ideas That Will Liven Up Your Yard

The Environment Guide explains many of the reasons why landscaping is important. For one, a beautifully designed lawn is more than a way to create relaxation and make your neighbors jealous. Additionally, plants native to your area help the ecosystem, assisting local bugs in surviving heartily. The right plants feed your soil, help clean the air, and give wildlife a chance to strive.

Aside from all of the benefits to nature, a landscaped yard makes your home value go up and gives you something to be proud of. It doesn't matter if you do the landscaping yourself or you hire a professional to do it for you. If you've been thinking of doing something different with your yard, front or back, here are some gorgeous designs that are sure to inspire your creativity. These concepts will bring new life to your yard and show you all of the different things you can do with some rocks, flowers, trees, bushes, mulch, and water.

1. Patches of color

The bursts of color in this long flower bed really liven up the path. While mixed colors have their own merit, the patches of red and yellow offer an eye-pleasing view.

2. Cute round bushes

While you can embrace your inner Edward Scissorhands and create sculpted bushes in many shapes, consider investing in shrubbery that naturally grows "round," like these suggested by SF Gate. They'll still need regular trimming, but not as much.

3. A hedge of hostas

Hostas are beautiful in flowerbeds, gardens, and yards. They are an easy landscaping element to use and don't need a whole lot of care to keep them looking gorgeous.

4. Add a rocky path

There are many ways to use rocks and stones in landscaping. This rickety-looking stone stair path gives the yard a whimsical, yet somewhat rustic, look.

5. Go wild with the bushes

Bushes are a great way to add color to your yard. They also add shade, depending on how big they get. A collection of multiple types of bushes in varying colors, like this one, adds a creative look to the space and fills in emptiness.

6. Mix and match rocks

When using stones and rocks in your yard, you don't have to use all the same colors or styles. The combination of gray rocks next to the brown and gray mix in this image shows how gorgeous mixing and matching can be.

7. Cool slim trees

If you're looking for a cool, smooth aesthetic with simple landscaping, a line of evergreens like this one looks nice. You'll need to trim them once in a while, but there's not much other upkeep on a job like this.

8. Single pops of color

Sometimes it's the simplest designs that make the most impact when you're landscaping your lawn. The bursts of a single color in this garden offer an eye-catching sight without being too busy.

9. Light up the little things

Lighting isn't a necessary part of landscaping, but it can add to the serene aesthetic of your yard's look. The little solar lights used along this path highlight the pretty greenery.

10. Watery wet wonderland

If you have a pond in your yard or are putting one in, plants will be an important aspect of landscaping. Lily pads add whimsey, while long grasses give a wetlands vibe.

11. Classic color combinations

Complementary colors like purple and yellow look gorgeous together, while the orange and yellow mix of family colors feels natural. The bright colors make the white flowers pop as well.

12. Clever groupings

The clever groupings of plants in this yard are pleasing to the eye. They stick with greens, yellows, whites, and pinks to make things not too busy.

13. Bushy grasses

Puffy grasses give the yard a natural fancy look while keeping things earthy. Grasses are pretty easy to grow as long as you pick the right ones for your growing zone. The USDA has a plant hardiness map to check when you're shopping for flowers, shrubs, trees, and more.

14. No flowers needed

You can design a stunning yard without flowers. Greenery and the right gardening mulch can make for a beautiful sight and is just colorful enough.

15. Hedge your bets

Hedges and other various bushes make lawns look neat and tidy, as long as you're keeping up on trimming. A lawn this nice looking needs a lot of upkeep and fresh mulch every year.

16. A rainbow of colors

You don't have to stick with only one or two flower colors when you start working on your gardens. Consider picking something from each color of the rainbow and beyond, like in this garden.

17. Brightening white fences

Plain old white picket fences are pretty, but they're enhanced by the right landscaping around them. These purple flowers and pink roses make the perfect partners in this yard.

18. Mixing greens

Even if you opt out of planting a bunch of flowers in your lawn, you can still opt for color variety. Pick green plants in various hues.

19. Make more of your tree space

If you have lots of trees in your yard, use the space around them as something more than somewhere only the weedwhacker can reach. Create beautiful flower beds, and do a little less mowing.

20. Keep it simple

Some simple greenery, a freshly cut lawn, stones, and some bunny décor make this a relaxing yard to hang out in. No need for flowers, it's colorful enough.

21. Singularly simple

You don't have to fill up flower beds with tons of plants and flowers. Keep it simple when you want. This yucca plant looks beautiful in solitude.

22. Lovely layers

Use the space you have as best as you can. This home doesn't have a huge front lawn, but the layered look of the landscaping makes it look bigger and uncluttered.

23. Pretty in pink

The pink flowers really stand out in this flower bed. Blend colors, but pick something bright as a focal point.

24. Gather succulents

Succulents are pretty easy to care for, and they'll grow in the most amazing places. Whether you're container gardening or you want to cover an ugly dead tree stump in your yard, this is a great way to do it.

25. This garden rocks

Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can still get the most out of your yard space with some neat rock formations. This rock garden has a little greenery strewn throughout to catch the eye.

26. Creative pots

Sometimes landscaping requires a little ingenuity. If you don't have a lawn ready for planting, you can create a potted oasis. Not all pots need to be round, either!

27. A touch of color

Even if you prefer your oasis to look a little more desert-like, you can add some flowering brush plants that will give your grays, whites, and greens a little burst of color from time to time.

28. Vary your raised beds

Not all raised beds need to be at the same height. The three different heights, with some plants at ground level, give this space an artistic look.

29. Circular path markers

There are so many ways you can turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis, and this is definitely one of them. The circular path adds something fun and whimsical to this quiet space.

30. Brighten up a dull yard

Even the dullest rocky landscapes can find joy in colors. The yellow flowers of this groundcover highlight the gray path in a way that almost feels "happy."

31. Cultivated corners

Be brave and play with the spaces you have in your yard. This landscaping layout uses some of the sharper corners as space for gorgeous collections of colors and greenery while leaving plenty of lush grass to enjoy.

32. Broken pathways

While the well is surely the focal point of this backyard, the broken stone pathway adds a delightful feel to the well-manicured space.

33. Breathtaking patterns

While there is already an art to landscaping, you can make it even more artistic by creating beautiful paintings in your flower beds.

34. Create a small green oasis

This gorgeous stone patio looks like the perfect place for a BBQ or summer dance party. Whether you're relaxing or getting your groove on, the little island of plants is sure to bring a smile to your face.

35. The perfect pond

If you have the space in your yard and the money to invest, a lovely pond like this will bring much peace and serenity.

36. Bushes and rock, oh my

This is an inspiring aerial shot of a lawn that uses bushes and shrubs as filler for flower beds. Even green yards look colorful when combined with the right rocks and stone paths.

37. Topiary trees

These topiary trees are delightful. While they're smaller like this, you can put any flowers you want under them. Bigger trees would require flowers that can thrive with less direct sunlight.

38. Fantastic flowering trees

Even if you're not one to want all the upkeep flowerbeds require, you can still enjoy bright pops of color in your yard every spring with some flowering trees. There are all sorts of options, and fruit trees are even more giving!

39. Enjoy your garden

Landscaping is about more than the flowers, bushes, and trees you cultivate. You surely want a space where you can enjoy all the work you put in. This pollinator-friendly garden offers a relaxing swing right in the thick of things.

40. Spiritual circles

Beautiful circles of stones and mulch give any yard a feeling of spirituality. This circular garden has a bush as a focal point in the middle.

41. Cobblestone paths

Whether you have slabs of stone or some old bricks, why not create a unique cobblestone pathway in your yard? You can fill in between with gravel or use cement. 

42. Spruce up that privacy fence

These gorgeous hedge bushes make a bland privacy fence look creative and beautiful. Of course, they'll need regular upkeep, but it's worth it with how nice they look.

43. Try a raised pond

Ponds add a gorgeous focal point to any yard. Rather than going with the traditional dug-out pond, consider doing a raised pond. This pond filled with rocks is absolutely beautiful.

44. Sometimes busy is beautiful

There's so much going on in this path of steps, but it looks absolutely stunning. There is something vintage and natural to the look of plant life taking over these steps. The bushes are well-kept, so you know this is meant to look the way it does.

45. Varying levels

Not only does this image show that you can turn your desert backyard into a beautiful garden oasis, but it is also an inspiration for landscaping even the most uneven of terrains.

46. Stylish, yet unassuming

The contrast of black raised flower beds, dark dirt, white stones, and the white house give this design elegance. It's simple, yet stunning. The little bit of greenery adds patches of color that are hard to miss.

47. Fountains are fun

Part of landscaping design is adding it in places in which to view the beauty of your yard, like a patio. This patio is even more relaxing and fun with a cute little fountain.

48. Palms by the pool

Even if the majority of your backyard is a pool, you can still work in some beautiful greenery into your landscaping. The gorgeous palm trees and topiary trees make the hot tub look even more inviting.

49. A retreat in your backyard

Turn your backyard into a gorgeous solitary retreat with a relaxing lighted pool. There is still a patch of grass for fun and frolicking, but the stone gives this yard a vacation vibe.

50. A bridge to nowhere

Not only do the rocks around this koi pond look cute, but that bridge is absolutely delightful and adds something whimsical to this focal point in the yard. Bridges don't have to serve a purpose other than adding something neat to look at!

51. A private jungle

If you love flowers, this type of floral abundance may be perfect for your yard. This is a haven for butterflies and bees and offers a private getaway amongst beautiful green plants and bubbling water.

52. Get some big rocks

These huge rocks look beautiful in this yard amongst flowers and other greenery. Be mellow with the colors for a quieter look or pick flowers that are bright and showy for something that really screams.

53. Small yard sanctuary

Even if your backyard is small, you can still landscape it into a beautiful sanctuary. The main part of this yard is covered in stone — no mowing needed. Add some plants, trees, and more and you'll enjoy a relaxing retreat outside your backdoor.

54. Uneven lines

While straight-lined flowerbeds have their charm, playing with the lines can look just as eye-catching. While this landscaping job looks a little off-kilter, the even colors make it easy to look at.

55. Start gardening

From fruits and vegetables to flowers, you can save yourself some mowing by turning your yard into a garden. This is a landscaping plan that gives back with fresh food when it's harvest time.

56. Create a labyrinth

If you want to get serious about some diehard landscaping and feel some magical vibes in your outdoor space, creating a labyrinth is a great way to do it.

57. Working with cacti

From the checkerboard lawn to the wall of cacti, this yard has both whimsy and charm. If you live in a climate perfect for growing cactus plants, this would be a great concept for a gorgeous backyard.

58. Planting in a paved lawn

Blessed with a backyard that's a completely paved patio? You can still landscape with plants in raised beds. This yard looks like a gorgeous garden.

59. Brighten your driveway

Give yourself one more reason to smile each time you pull into your driveway with raised flower beds along the side of your house. These gorgeous flowers add some delightful color against the brick home.

60. Full of bushes and trees

Fill your yard with beautiful green variations. From various hedges to gorgeous trees, this yard is a lovely, private, and peaceful space.