25 Flower Bed Ideas That Will Bring Your Outdoor Space To Life

Most gardeners out there are looking for different ways to spice up their garden, whether by introducing new plants, adding fun and bright decor, or uniquely trimming and shaping their current trees. The AARP also says that gardeners experience a number of different health benefits, including increased levels of vitamin D, a decreased risk of dementia, lower levels of stress, and a gentle way of exercising. A hobby that allows you to be out in nature and safely soak up the sun is an activity that you probably won't get bored of. As you work on ideas to change up your garden, there are many designs and ideas to choose from. 

Flower beds are a great way to keep your beautiful flowers in order and create a colorful effect. Harder and Warner says a flower bed could even help add value to your property. This is because when people are buying homes, oftentimes, they take a look at the condition of their yard and if it's been well-maintained. Creating a flower bed can also help the environment, and cleanses the air to refresh your senses. The roots also help keep the soil healthy while also preventing erosion. Let's take a look at some beautiful ideas for your flower bed!

1. Use a stone wall

Laying down a stone wall will not only keep your flower bed nice and orderly, but it can help create a fun and wavy shape. This way, you can easily section it off into a part of the yard that looks best.

2. Go all out

If you have the backyard space, then take that chance to cover it with flower beds if you want to spread color. This is a beautiful way to organize how you'd like the color to travel.

3. Use only green plants

If you already have plenty of colorful flowers, you can add a flower bed of just green plants of various shades for a subtle contrast.

4. Border your home with flowers

Brighten up your home by lining it with colorful flower beds. Not only will it be eye-catching, but this technique could spread a pleasant smell across your yard.

5. Create an inviting front yard

Some first-time gardeners may believe that gardens can only be in the backyard. However, adding a flower bed in the front yard with colorful flowers will show off your green thumb and creative personality. 

6. Beautiful stone steps

Creating a flower bed by your stone steps can create a beautiful and bright path. It can be an impressive design similar to a fairytale if done correctly.

7. Line your fence with flowers

If you have an average wooden fence, lining a flower bed full of bright colors can help create a beautiful design around your whole backyard.

8. Incorporate a variety of flowers

It may be tempting to multiply one type of flower in a flower bed, but using a variety of flowers can create a more impactful design. There may be a color on your house or porch that could be fun and interesting to incorporate into your flower bed for a more harmonious design.

9. Mix materials

In a single flower bed, it is also possible to section off one part with soil and the other with stone. This way, you can combine various types of plants that have different growing needs.

10. Succulent flower bed

Incorporating a variety of succulents into a flower bed can create a colorful design of different sizes and shapes. This type of flower bed can especially easy to create for those who live in warmer and dryer climates.

11. Incorporate unique elements

A flower bed does not only have to consist of just flowers. Incorporating something such as this bright red trunk is unique, and it adds more bright colors. As seen in the photo, the trunk can also be a stunning way to add more flowers.

12. Use different designs

Your yard does not have to be limited to one flower bed style. In fact, you may have to create different styles of flower beds to ensure there is balance and a sort of rhythm that moves your eyes from one point of the yard to another.

13. Create a sanctuary

Create a relaxing sanctuary with your flower bed by incorporating statues or other things your find relaxing. You can design it however you like with whatever flowers you believe are the most calming.

14. Include a focal point

Create a focal point with your flower bed by first choosing what you'd like to stand out in your yard. You can do this by circling the flower bed around it to bring more color to the item while extenuating its current features.

15. Incorporate color theory

If you're unsure which colors to combine to create your flower bed, take a look at a color wheel to study which colors are complementary. Pink and orange go well together because they are in the same section of the color wheel.

16. Add color to concrete

If your backyard is full of concrete or other hard materials, adding a colorful flower bed can add a touch of life to your yard. This can prevent your yard from looking too cold and bland, and this design also doesn't flood your yard with flowers either.

17. Create a pattern

This flower bed has a pattern that contains a certain amount of flowers between each tree. This can create more interest as the trees work to break off each section of flowers while also maintaining a consistent design.

18. Utilize bricks

Incorporating bricks into your flower bed can be a great way to complete a rustic or cottage design. This type of design can be perfectly executed if used with distressed red brick or neutral-colored bricks.

19. Elevated flower bed

If your yard is prone to rodents, building an elevated platform for your flower bed may be the best idea. This can be done with wood, brick, or concrete — whichever would work depending on the type of design you're going for.

20. Seek out inspiration

If you're having trouble deciding which type of flower bed design works best for your garden, it's always a good idea to get some inspiration. You can do this by walking through parks and noting the fabricated shapes and materials used.

21. Incorporate natural elements

Multiple flower beds seen here are incorporated into a yard where multiple elements of nature reside, such as water and stone. Not only is this design a great way to bring in several designs of nature, but it is also a way to invite friendly creatures, such as birds and butterflies. 

22. Build a greenhouse

To keep your flower bed healthy and safe, place it in an enclosed space such as a greenhouse. There, you can control the temperature of the space, as well as how much light it receives.

23. Unique planting styles

For those who want to create a small flower bed with minimal maintenance may want to look into different ways to make their flower bed unique. Placing your flower bed in something like a bird bath with catch the eyes of your guests, as it stands out because of its height and color. 

24. Keep it consistent

If you're a fan of a specific flower, such as roses, it may be wise to think of ways to incorporate different types of that flower throughout your garden. In this flower bed design, they created a consistent design of roses around the perimeter while also extending them up into the trees.

25. Experiment with new plants

Experiment with different plants until you create the design best suited for your needs. It may be easier to pick one or two flowers you're sure will match, but creating a flower bed with plants you weren't sure would go well together could create the design you truly imagined.