The Best Way To Make The Most Of Your Shed

For most of us, the promise of time spent in the garden is that it will help us relax. Sure there's work to be done, but getting our hands dirty in the rich soil, inhaling the delicious scents of nature and our blossoming flowers, and sitting quietly as we observe the pollinators doing their thing feels quite unlike the hustle of a day at the office. Even though the garden offers us many ways to unwind after a busy day — or just in the midst of a busy life for that matter — there is one thing that can rob us of the tranquility we so desperately seek: a big hot mess in the shed.

Be honest, are you as guilty of this as we are? It's too easy to toss things in there willy-nilly after finishing our garden chores. Who can remember which drawers are for what, and never mind whether the hose goes in the cabinet or the shovel. Instead of considering how we'll feel tomorrow when we step into our shed for the first time that day, we're focused on quickly getting cleaned up and either making dinner or heading to bed. In almost no time flat, our garden shed looks like it was hit by a tornado.

Verywell Mind explains that a disorganized space increases stress while order improves tranquility. It's not like you have to feng shui your shed to make it better. All you need to do is maximize your wall space.

Make the most of empty wall space

The watering can, trowels and shovels, the garden hose, and even your sun hat can all find a home on the walls — provided you make proper use of them. This can be via open shelving, hooks, or even pegboards, as suggested by Life Storage. Using your wall space in this way gives you quick and easy access to whatever you need and allows you to see everything right in front of you. No more digging in the back of the wrong cabinet for the spade that's actually under the pile of tarps by the door. Instead, slip a piece of twine or wire through the handle, and hang it on a hook in plain sight.

With a level, some screws, and a few long pieces of wood, you can make make a simple tool rack that will elevate just about everything you have in your shed, suggests MM DIY. It's an inexpensive and easy way to protect your tools from dirt and puddles that naturally accumulate on any shed floor. Maybe you never had room for a work table because of the clutter created by rakes and buckets. Voilà! Now you do. Maybe someone in your family has their eye on a new riding mower. No problem, that can fit too. Have fun with it and soon you'll reap the rewards of maximized wall space!