The Easiest Way To Make Your Home More Secure

For homeowners, one of the biggest issues is keeping your house safe and secure. According to The Zebra, a home is broken into every 15 seconds in the United States. Between homes and businesses, that equates to about 2.5 million break-ins per year. With crime rates as high as they are, it's important you take the appropriate precautions to avoid putting yourself and your loved ones at risk. The question is, how do you ensure the safety of yourself and the others in your household?

Bankrate states that homes without any type of security measures have a 300% increased chance of experiencing a break-in. Since burglaries happen so often, it isn't advisable to waste any time securing your home. Fortunately, there are several ways to protect your home (some easier than others.) To give yourself peace of mind, check out the easiest way to make your home more secure.

Secure your doors

Unfortunately, these aren't the 1980s anymore (when people left their front doors open without a care in the world.) However, despite the high amount of burglaries in the country, people still refuse to lock their doors. In fact, more than one in four Americans don't lock their doors, WHSV3 explains. You can, therefore, help prevent yourself from falling victim to a break-in. All you have to do is lock your doors.

According to The Hartford Extra Mile, Americans can stop 33% of all burglaries just by locking their doors. Even if your neighborhood seems safe, every home is at risk. It's important you keep your doors locked at all times, even during the day. ADT says the majority of break-ins actually take place in the daytime because criminals assume the homeowners are at work or running errands, which gives an opportunist thief the chance to break in undetected.

What to do if a break-in occurs

No matter how many security measures you take, there's still a chance of a break-in. Should one occur, it's crucial you are prepared to keep everyone in the household safe. If you hear activity in your home, remain calm, says SimpliSafe. Next, call 911 and quietly explain to the dispatcher what's going on. After you've informed the police of the break-in, do not move from your current location until they arrive.

According to SafeWise, it is absolutely necessary that you stay quiet until the police remove the intruder from your home. This means minimizing talking and moving around the room. Most importantly, unless you're a skilled professional, avoid using a weapon unless absolutely necessary. If the burglar has a weapon as well, they're more inclined to use it if they see yours. The best thing you can do is alert the police and wait until they've determined your home is safe.