The Design Feature Christina Hall Recommends Instead Of Accordion Doors

There are so many aspects of a home to consider when you're designing: paint color, bathroom materials, kitchen facilities, flooring, lighting, and more. However, some can forget how important the doors of a home are. For example, the design of your front door is important because it is a prime example of what the interior looks like, while the design of your back door is important because it sets the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

Luckily, designer and host of HGTV's "Christina on the Coast" Christina Hall knows a thing or two about what kind of doors do best in certain spaces and budgets. In one episode, the homeowners she was assisting desired accordion doors, which are known to be quite pricey. Luckily, Hall had an excellent recommendation that worked out for the couple instead, bringing elegance and subtlety to their living room area. If you're debating what kind of doors you'd like leading into your patio, check out Hall's great suggestion.

Budget friendly and beautiful

In an episode of "Christina on the Coast," Christina Hall is introduced to California homeowners Jared and Marissa, whose home has a layout similar to Hall's previous residence (via Realtor). The couple was dealing with repairing the living room and kitchen after a pesky leak led to water damage; their total renovation budget was $200,000 — which was split between repairs and home updates. For the living room, the couple wanted accordion doors to feel more connected to the outdoor space. However, Hall respectively disagreed due to the high price tag.

Instead, she suggested multi-slide doors for their affordability and potentially sleek design if a pocket is installed to allow the doors to be hidden. This option is excellent for those who love large amounts of natural light in their living area. Multi-slide doors are also easy to split apart so that you can have one section of privacy in one place and bright light in another.