A.E. Feenstra

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Salt Lake City, UT
University Of Vermont, University Of Nevada, Reno
Organic Gardening, Real Estate, Inclusive Design
  • Abby lives almost exclusively off the produce from her organic garden during the summer.
  • An expert in all things home and garden, she has experience writing for nine different brands focused on this topic.
  • She has been growing, nurturing, and propagating her indoor succulent collection for nine years.


Abby has worked as a professional writer for over a decade. She has written news articles for House Blog covering a range of topics, including sustainability, the housing market, home decor/improvement, gardening and yard care best practices, and relocation. As someone who is passionate about cultural diversity and inclusion, one of her highlights during her time at House Blog was her article, "What You Should Know About Creating an Ancestral Alter in Your Home." Her previous experience includes working as the lead blogger for a vacation rental company in Sunriver, Oregon. She has also written articles, blog posts, and explainers for a variety of brands in the gardening, home improvement, and real estate niches. Her writing portfolio includes Home Garden and Patio, Tool Tango, Farm and Garden DIY, HVAC 101, Garden Gadget, and more.


Abby graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with dual degrees in English and women's studies and from the University of Vermont with a master's degree in higher education and student affairs administration.
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