Adetayo Sogbesan

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Ontario, Canada
MacMaster University, Nipissing University
DIY Home, Interior Design, Home Decor Thrifting
  • Adetayo personally designed and transformed her living space, showcasing her DIY prowess to reflect her style and unique aesthetic.
  • Growing up in a house with a large garden, she's keen on green living and building eco-friendly home solutions.
  • She uses her creativity to design custom home items, like bespoke light fixtures, adding a personalized touch to living spaces.


Before entering college, Adetayo volunteered in a DIY workshop, where she sharpened her creative vision and picked up some home improvement skills. In her second year, she helped her best friend redesign her room, enhancing its functionality with clever storage solutions. Starting her writing career in 2020, Adetayo is a Top Rated Plus Freelance Writer on Upwork. Her progressive freelance career has allowed her to work with numerous websites from various industries. Notably, she first became a published writer with CareerKarma, where she covered topics ranging from tech to career navigation. Since then, Adetayo has worked with MakeUseOf, Copypress, Brightlio, and Talent Inc., creating content across SaaS, tech, advertorials, and product reviews. As a registered nurse, she works with the London Health Sciences Centre in Canada. Now, Adetayo shares DIY tips and hacks to help readers maximize their living spaces.


Adetayo obtained a Bachelor of Science in biology from MacMaster University and another Bachelor of Science in nursing from Nipissing University.
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