Alexandra Miller

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Los Angeles, CA
University Of Southern California
Plant Health, DIY Renovations, IKEA Hacks
  • Alexandra interviewed interior designer and author Martyn Lawrence Bullard.
  • She has transformed three apartments with renter-friendly DIY renovations.
  • Her prized collection of interior design magazines goes back to the 1930s.


Alexandra Miller is an LA-born-and-based writer. As a features writer, she covers various topics but specializes in all things plant health, anything bird-related, and DIY ideas. Since she spends so much time reading rankings and reviews, she also enjoys writing the occasional product review article to help others make the best choices for themselves and their home. Her personal highlight is the article "Common Items Around The House That Will Have Birds Flocking To Your Yard" because she loves birds and wants to encourage others to find that joy. Her journey began writing for the wellness brand The Tana, where she wrote for the lifestyle sections, highlighting ways to create a more eco-conscious home. As a treatment writer for various production companies, she helps bring projects from script to screen, including a globe-trotting home design series starring Martyn Bullard. You can find her scouring garage sales and standing in the IKEA returns line.


Alexandra has a B.A. in film & TV production from the University of Southern California with a minor in creative writing.
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