Becca Evans

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Los Angeles, CA
Elon University
Houseplants, Cat Parenting, Apartment Decor
  • Becca got to "interview" 2 Chainz's dog, Trappy, at PetCon 2019.
  • Becca has run online embroidery shop for years, making patterns based on her favorite pop culture moments in her spare time.
  • In 2018 Becca tested the limits of the human spirit by preparing and eating a different Pinterest-famous smoothie bowl every day for a week (discovering at least one new food allergy in the process!).


Based in Los Angeles, Becca has been a freelance writer for over seven years, covering lifestyle trends from the Etsy embroidery zeitgeist to catio builders to pandemic-era guerilla weddings. Becca has written for StyleCaster, Mammoth Media, Be Kind & Co, and Protocol, where she also worked as a copy editor. She also helped build Carrie Ann Conversations, a lifestyle publication created and helmed by entertainer Carrie Ann Inaba. As Digital Editor, Becca worked every day to produce thoughtful content centered around Carrie Ann's passions for interior design, mental health, and physical wellness, particularly in regards to autoimmune disorders.


Becca has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts and Entertainment from Elon University.
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