Caitlin Castelaz

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New York, NY
Northwestern University
Gardening And Houseplants, Home Decor, DIY Projects
  • Caitlin is a gardener and steward in New York City, where she grows food and flowers in urban gardens, cares for street trees, and maintains forested areas.
  • She learned the basics of home maintenance by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity as a teenager.
  • Her DIY home improvement skills enabled her to serve as the caretaker of a 4-story property for two years.


Caitlin worked briefly in independent book publishing prior to pivoting to a career in digital media and service journalism. She spent several years at, working in various roles as editor, social media manager, product director, and associate general manager. There, she wrote, researched, and edited stories on home decor, sustainability, gardening, household cleaning, new products and home goods, remodeling and renovation, and more. Caitlin contributes to U.S. News & World Report's 360 Reviews, providing insights and reporting on consumer home goods. Her background in digital media led her to a career in product management. In that capacity, she has worked with several publishers in the home and culinary spaces, including Domino, SAVEUR, and Forks Over Knives.


Caitlin earned a bachelor's degree in English from Northwestern University.
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