Carol Benton

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Savannah, GA
Virginia Commonwealth University, Shenandoah Conservatory Of Shenandoah University
Home Maintenance, Home Decor Projects, Gardening Tips
  • A homeowner for 50+ years, Carol nurtures a passion for all things home.
  • Whether it's cleaning, maintenance, decor, or DIY projects, she enjoys researching, doing, and conveying information to others through her writing.
  • She has written on home-related topics for sites like Bob Vila and House Blog.


As a feature writer for House Blog, Carol delivers informative and comprehensive articles on home cleaning and maintenance as well as gardening and organizational projects. She's adept at curating and condensing the step-by-step tutorials in round-ups of DIY home projects found on TikTok and YouTube. After retiring from a career as a college professor, Carol couldn't abandon her passion for research and writing. Transitioning from the writing style of academia, she learned to write well-researched and engaging copy for websites. During her career, she published an academic book, "Thinking about Thinking: Metacognition for Music Teaching and Learning," as well as numerous professional journal articles. Post-retirement, Carol began writing informational articles and buyers' guides in 2019. Since then, she has been published in a variety of online publications, including Bob Vila, Popular Science, Now with Purpose, Degree Planet, My Degree Guide, and Sixty and Me.


Carol holds a Bachelor of Music Education (B. M. Ed.); a Master of Music (M. M.); and a Doctor of Musical Arts (D. M. A.).
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