Cori Lohstroh

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Dayton, Ohio
Sinclair Community College, Wright State University
Gardening, Gaming, Cooking
  • Cori holds a bachelor's degree in Technical Writing and a master's degree in Rhetoric and Writing, which she feels enhance her understanding of how to express thoughts to specific audiences in clear and meaningful ways.
  • Cori is a founding partner of a proposal writing and project management business, but is always looking for opportunities to write and connect with others about subjects she is passionate about.
  • Cori's first vegetable garden was a bed of carrots at 4 years old. 30 years later, she's still convinced that vegetables taste even better when you grow them yourself.


Cori has worked as a professional writer and editor for six years. She is passionate about all things nature — from tending to her pollinator garden to bird watching — she's simply happiest when she is outside. Cori has also been publishing poetry since 2017. Her first chapbook, "Living Monsters/Damaged Ghosts" (printed by Variant Literature) was published in July 2021. Cori joined the House Blog team in March 2022 and loves having the opportunity to write about topics that she loves.


Cori holds an associate's degree in English Literature from Sinclair Community College. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Professional & Technical Writing and a master's degree in Rhetoric & Writing from Wright State University.
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