Cynthia Anaya

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Webster, TX
Purdue University Northwest
Home Cleaning And Improvement, Decorating, Real Estate
  • Considered a "neat freak" as a child, Cynthia prides herself on her ability to keep a home clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing, and to help others do the same.
  • Cynthia always welcomes opportunities to learn and share new tricks and tips about gardening and landscaping, and how to make a home more inviting.
  • A firm believer in the popular "There's no place like home" quote, Cynthia enjoys all things house related and has been improving her green thumb over the past couple years.


Fueled by her love of cleaning, decorating, and planting, combined with house-related curiosities, Cynthia began writing for House Blog in August of 2023. She has spent more than 30 years diving into the world of home improvement in her personal life, starting with her bedroom when she was a child. In the summer of 2023, she had the exciting opportunity of selling her home for the first time while shopping for a new one. This experience taught her a great deal about the real estate industry. She discovered her true passion was writing while working as a high school English teacher in 2011. She landed her first writing job at a marketing agency the following year and has been writing professionally ever since. Throughout her career, Cynthia has covered a wide range of topics, including veterinary medicine and pets, dentistry, physical and mental health, education, substance abuse, and lifestyle. She joined the Alb Media team in June of 2022 and has previously written for Glam, Mashed, Daily Meal, and The List.


Cynthia earned a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing from Purdue University Northwest in Hammond, Indiana, in 2006. She also received a secondary teaching license for English/Language Arts from the same university four years later.
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