Daniela Klein

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Garden Route, South Africa
Boston City Campus & Business College
Sustainable Gardening And Landscaping, Cost-effective Home Improvement, Interior Design
  • Daniela has written more than a million words and over a thousand guides and how-tos—but her biggest achievement is the '60s linoleum glue she once scraped off a scullery floor.
  • With a background in accounting, Daniela can balance books with her eyes closed, but her real passion lies in making spaces add up to the perfect home.
  • Daniela started a small landscaping business pre-college, and her first project is still in place and flourishing.


Daniela's professional career began with certifications in accounting, but her heart found its true home among the blooms and blueprints. Her journey from crunching numbers to home improvement took root via a preoccupation with DIY projects and how spaces impact the way we live. This personal calling soon overflowed into her writing career. Her role at House Blog allows Daniela to share her passion for homes, interiors, plants, and the creation of beautiful spaces.


Daniela studied accounting at Boston City Campus & Business College and completed a course in permaculture landscaping and design.
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