Daniel Feininger

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Florida State University, Pennsylvania State University, Goldsmiths College
Stocks, Travel Rewards, Household And Renovation Budgeting
  • Dan has been writing about personal finance and investments since 2018.
  • He is an avid investor and has been trading stocks for more than 15 years.
  • Dan's right in the middle of budgeting and executing a total home renovation plan on his home, adding a novel financial experience to his life.


Dan has spent many years scouring P/E Ratios, dividend payouts, and earnings reports. He's always on the lookout for the next big thing, although he watched somewhat jealously from the sidelines as the GameStop saga unfolded. His writing has often centered on information surrounding indicators of marketplace changes, strategies for maximizing the savings portion of the budget, and even how real world events influence cryptocurrency markets. Dan is fascinated with all things investments, and he's recently started focusing that attention on the financials of investing in home improvement projects. He knows that the market is a fickle beast, but tries his best to make calm, careful sense of it nonetheless.


Dan earned a bachelor's degree in international affairs from Florida State University and two master's degrees in geospatial intelligence analysis and postcolonial culture and global policy from Penn State and Goldsmiths College, respectively.
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