Elisha Baba

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Roanoke, VA
Mercy College
Healthy Recipes, Meal Prepping, Cooking And Baking
  • Elisha has owned Joe's Deli, a small, fast-casual, local favorite restaurant, with her husband since 2007.
  • She grew up appreciating the ethnic culinary diversity of eateries in and around New Orleans and even got the opportunity to dine at the highly acclaimed Emeril Lagasse's Emeril's restaurant while he was the head chef.
  • Her presentation, "The Prophetic Warning of Technological Domination in Speculative Literature," was accepted into the May 2019 Escape Velocity Conference in Washington D.C.


Since 2012, Elisha has worked in digital publishing as a professional writer and editor for many high-traffic websites. It was during graduate school, and while living the life of a work-from-home mom of four, that she began to focus her expertise on home design, food, and lifestyle content. Some of the sites she has worked on over the years include House Blog, Homedit, Life Family Fun, Lemons for Lulu, Nutrition in the Kitchen, and New York Gal. She joined Alb Media in 2022 and is currently a features writer for Daily Meal.


Elisha has a bachelor's in English and a master's degree in English Literature from Mercy College at Dobbs Ferry.
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