Erin Maloney

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Goffstown, NH
Museum School Of Fine Arts, Diablo Valley College
Interior/Graphic Design, Art, DIY
  • Erin has written feature articles for varying publications and has managed several professional blogs. She is passionate about photography, food, and travel.
  • She takes pride in conducting exhaustive research that delves into all opposing attitudes, assumptions, or philosophies concerning a matter.
  • An enthusiastic DIY home and garden renovator, Erin is a homeowner with a lot of passion for researching and executing quality renovations and upgrades. She won't take half measures, and is a firm believer in the motto "measure twice, cut once."


Erin has 20 years of professional writing experience in a wide variety of fields, and has been an avid (almost obsessive) journaler for over 30. She has drafted epitaphs and obituaries for Memorialists and Wilson & Kratzer Mortuary in California, managed professional blogs for Got2Web, LLC, a website design firm in Rutland, VT, and Maloney & Kennedy, PLLC, a tax and litigation firm in Auburn, NH. Erin has also written feature articles for varying publications such as The Vermont Journal in Ludlow, VT and The Concordian in Concord, CA.


Erin began her schooling with a passion for creative endeavors at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston, MA, and later continued her education in California at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill.
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