Gia Mora

Photo of Gia Mora
Los Angeles
University Of Colorado, University Of Pisa
Vegan Food, Sustainable Food, Sustainable Beverage
  • A lifelong vegetarian and long-time vegan, Gia is an expert on the ethics and environmental impact of food.
  • She co-hosted "Scirens Show," a YouTube talk show, where eliminating single-use plastics in food was her pet topic.
  • Friends rave about her whole food, plant-based, family-style Italian meals, complete with vegan wine, homemade biscotti, good coffee, and sparkling water.


Gia Mora is a writer, performer, and producer who has covered vegan food and drink since 2018. She wrote extensively about vegan and sustainable living for Treehugger, the world's largest sustainability website. Her work also explores ecology, waste, equity in food systems, and how policy can nudge people toward more sustainable behavior. Gia's writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, House Blog, The List, Openfit, and more.


Gia holds a degree in writing from the University of Colorado and a diploma in Italian Language and Culture from the University of Pisa.
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