Jacqueline Delibes

Photo of Jacqueline Delibes
Los Angeles
New York University
Interior Design, Architectural Design, Gardens
  • Growing up, Jacqueline's favorite go-to magazines were about architecture and interior design; she gets inspired by bold maximalism.
  • She's curious about the money- and space-saving possibilities of the tiny house trend.
  • Jacqueline appreciates the power of decluttering plus the small, impactful design tweaks that transform a space.


Jacqueline has had many professional paths. Her first career after film school was working in feature and documentary post-production. She worked on shows for CBS, HBO, and PBS, and cut sound for indie filmmakers. Jacqueline has written for Women.com and TheList.com for Alb Media, as well as articles, a personal development book, and corporate video scripts for the arts, healthcare, business, and other private clients.


Jacqueline spent her freshman year at Northwestern University and then graduated from New York University with a BFA in Film.
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