Janelle Ward

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Atlanta, Georgia
University Of Georgia
Homeownership, Neighborhood Change, The Process Of Purchasing A Home
  • Janelle is most interested in and passionate about housing issues. She has covered the topic extensively and interviewed JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon for a news article about financial inequality in underrepresented neighborhoods.
  • She frequents local home décor shops and boutiques in hopes of turning her apartment into a Pinterest-lover's dream.
  • Janelle researches housing trends and market analyses in her spare time and gains arguably too much satisfaction finding aesthetically charming houses for sale online.


Janelle Ward is a full-time journalist and freelance writer with experience covering local government, business, music, the arts, and race relations. Since finishing college in 2022, Janelle moved to Atlanta to jumpstart her professional writing career. She formerly served as a content writer for Homes.com, a subsidiary digital housing marketplace owned by commercial real estate company CoStar. When not writing for House Blog, Janelle covers business and real estate for Atlanta's largest Black-owned news publication, The Atlanta Voice. She enjoys exploring a plethora of topics through her work with House Blog, including cleaning hacks, interior design trends, and cost analyses.


Janelle received two bachelor of arts degrees from the University of Georgia, located in Athens. She double majored in journalism and history.
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