Jennifer Martin

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Richmond, VA
Homesteading, Gardening, DIY Home Projects
  • Jennifer has written about lifestyle, food, and homesteading for several years. She has been published in Insider, the New York Times, TIME Magazine, UPROXX, Sojourners, CBS News, and the Los Angeles Review of Books.
  • She was raised on a farm in the Tennessee countryside and fell in love with gardening, foraging, and the natural world.
  • Currently, Jennifer lives on a suburban homestead in Virginia, where she is restoring a 1961 house. She grows and preserves her own food, raises chickens, and uses natural, homemade products to clean her house.


Prior to becoming a news editor at House Blog, Jennifer was an editor at Backyard Boss, CBS News, and Topix, where she often covered gardening, food, and housekeeping topics and made product recommendations. In addition to editorial positions, she has also worked in SEO, marketing, and social media. Jennifer is actively involved in a local CSA to learn more about gardening and native plants.


She has a degree from Lee University in journalism and media writing and a minor in Bible.
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