Joanna Marie

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Accra, Ghana
London Metropolitan University
Lifestyle, Gardening, Meditation
  • Joanna runs her own hair and beauty blog, providing solutions to common beauty and lifestyle issues.
  • She's worked in the content marketing field for over 10 years, having worked for various marketing agencies, including Mighty Scribes and Social Swag.
  • Joanna's work is lauded for her hands-on, problem-solving approach, helping readers tackle common home and garden problems.


Joanna began her career by managing large-scale development events before moving into content marketing. She enjoys delivering practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions for the modern homeowner. This passion shines through in her work, whether she's explaining how to fix a leaky faucet, maintain a flourishing garden, or transform an underused space into something beautiful and functional. When Joanna isn't writing, she's often found exploring new home improvement stores or in her own garden, always looking for fresh inspiration and new solutions to common problems. She has a relentless passion for improving home life and solving everyday issues.


Joanna graduated with honors in International development studies and Spanish from London Metropolitan University.
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