Julie Boehlke

Eastern Michigan University
Home Improvement, Lifestyle, Interior Design
  • Julie Boehlke writes web and marketing content for major brands.
  • She is a brand strategist and copywriter specializing in creating evergreen content.
  • Julie has first-hand experience with backyard gardening, eco-friendly living, cooking, interior design, furniture trash-to-treasure, budgeting, and financial topics.


A wordsmith at heart, Julie has always had a passion for writing. From enlightening blog posts to exhilarating fan fiction, Julie writes professionally and for pleasure. A copywriter for 15 years, she has published content on Livestrong, Lowe's, United Way, Ancestry, Walgreen's, GoBankingRates, Angi, and NurturingCents. She loves to collect vintage items that have class and character. Never hesitating to take on a new project, Julie can be found taking on a home improvement project or landscaping her country garden. She also loves the outdoors, hiking, camping, and exploring off the beaten path.


Julie studied at Eastern Michigan University for a Business Administration degree from 1991 to 1993, but had to postpone completion at that time. She is currently enrolled in online classes to finish and obtain the required credits.
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