Kasey Van Dyke

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Las Vegas, Nevada
Utah State University
Home Improvement, Lifestyle, Gardening And Houseplants
  • Kasey has over six years of professional writing experience. Her work has appeared in large online publications, like Moms and Psych Central. She has also contributed to hundreds of small blogs and websites for small businesses and brands.


Kasey has over six years of professional writing experience in a variety of areas, including Home and Lifestyle, Gardening and Plant Care, Health and Wellness, and Parenting. Her work has been published in several large online publications, including Moms and Psych Central, as well as hundreds of smaller blogs and websites for small businesses and brands. Along with her work with House Blog, Kasey is a full-time stay-at-home mom to a rambunctious little boy and runs the blog for a Las Vegas plant shop in her spare time. Kasey's passion for writing started as young as 5 years old. That passion has evolved into a deep desire to better the world by improving the life of each reader who passes by.


After high school, Kasey attended Utah State University. During that time, she explored several educational paths, including English, Journalism, Chemistry, and Physics. However, the call to write was strong and continued to pull her back. She spent her college years writing for the Utah Statesman and The Signpost, later becoming an Assistant Features Editor and News Editor and being honored with the Rising Star award. She also wrote for a government-funded website affiliated with the National Scenic Byways program under the U.S. Parks and Recreation department. Additionally, she was selected to be a dedicated writing assistant for several undergraduate courses by professors in the English Department.
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