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The University Of Auckland, Otago Polytechnic (Dunedin School Of Art)
Gardening, Interior Design, Pottery
  • Kate is passionate about urban gardening and has a thriving rooftop garden right in the middle of dense Taichung City in Taiwan.
  • She is an experienced potter with her own home studio. From there, she runs workshops for adults and produces small-batch homeware for sale.
  • One of her favorite things to do in her spare time is browse flea markets and thrift stores for vintage ceramic tableware, old wooden furniture, and oddities.


For nearly two decades, Kate has worked as a writer and editor in home design, architecture, art, and luxury lifestyle. Since taking up a position as a news writer for House Blog in mid-2023, she has broadened her remit to outside the home, writing about gardening, birding, and outdoor DIY. She gets particular satisfaction from debunking popular gardening myths, like her article "Is Investing In Copper Gardening Tools Really Worth It?" Aside from writing for House Blog, she's also a Contributing Editor (Art and Design) with Tasting Kitchen. Originally from Aotearoa, New Zealand, she's lived in Taiwan since 2009, and the articles she's penned have made it into leading lifestyle magazines across the region: Art Radar, a.m. post, Surface Asia, Dwell Asia, Form, Portfolio, and The Hotel Journal, to name a few. She also did a stint in PR for leading brand consultancy DDG in Taiwan, where she helped to promote Taiwanese designers on the international stage, including heading international PR for the World Design Capital Taipei 2016.


Kate graduated from the University of Auckland with a bachelor's degree in media, film, and television studies and a minor in English literature.
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