Kathryn Walsh

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Syracuse, New York
Syracuse University
Home Design Trends, Cleaning Hacks, Budget-Friendly DIY Decor
  • Since joining House Blog, Kathryn has written about everything from tax code to tree trimming to TikTok trends.
  • She has a keen eye for interior design and even studies the backgrounds in Hallmark movies, looking for decor ideas to steal.
  • Kathryn is slowly working on a project to fill one entire living room wall with DIY art and decor, all displayed in circular frames.


Kathryn has been writing professionally since 2009, when she first began creating content for eHow. Her freelance portfolio grew when she started being recruited by editors from other properties to write about career, travel, and general lifestyle topics, as well as content for brands. Her client list eventually expanded to include small businesses and marketing firms, and she now spends her days writing about a vast array of topics.


Kathryn earned two master's degrees from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University and credits her master's in print journalism for honing her sharp research and sourcing skills.
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