Kimberly Smith

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University Of Arkansas At Little Rock
American History, Earth Oddities, Ancient Religion
  • In her spare time, Kim likes to research obscure facts about American history, often leading her down many rabbit holes.
  • From a young age, Kim has been interested in religions of the world, and she has amassed a vast collection of books about them.
  • Kim spends a lot of time outside kayaking, hiking, and camping, and these hobbies fuel her interest in all things related to our planet Earth.


Kim has worked as a professional writer for over two decades. She began her professional writing career as a full-time technical writer for Leisure Arts in the Book Department. She also worked as Educational Programs Director for a local homeless shelter, writing curriculum and teaching adults. Kim's online writing experience includes covering breaking news for several online websites. She has written about health, wellness, politics, oddities, history, and celebrity news. Kim joined Alb Media in 2021 and has made good use of her interest in all things weird and wonderful writing articles for Grunge.


Kim has a B.A. in Journalism and a B.A. in English with a Writing Emphasis.
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