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The Pennsylvania State University
Home Decor, Thrifting, Eclectic Design
  • Since joining Alb Media, Lauren has interviewed celebrities from design shows on networks such as MTV, HGTV, Bravo TV, Magnolia Network, and more.
  • After buying her first house, Lauren realized her love for personal style translated to the home. She is constantly looking for one-of-a-kind, unique pieces to add to her space, whether she's at a thrift store or on the other side of the world. As a lover of travel, Lauren has visited eight countries so far and likes to find and incorporate pieces from each destination into her home's design scheme.
  • Lauren is a firm believer that you don't need to pay designer prices to have a beautiful, cozy living space that reflects your personality. As an ardent thrifter, she believes that knowing when and where to shop secondhand, in addition to a little patience and luck, can help you score some amazing finds.


Lauren has always been an avid writer, and has experience in both news journalism and lifestyle writing. She began her professional writing career as a reporter for the student newspaper at her local community college. Since then, she has been writing in various industry roles, most notably during her time working in the newsroom at a local CBS affiliate station owned by Meredith Corporation, where she is proud to have been a part of covering many important local and state breaking news stories.


Lauren has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a major in Digital Journalism and Media from Penn State University.
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