Leslie Anderson

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Roswell, New Mexico
Eastern New Mexico University
Residential Real Estate Investing, Home Repair Projects, Gardening
  • As the co-owner of L-L Properties, Leslie and her husband Lawrence have planned and executed numerous renovation and repair projects for their rental units.
  • Some people read the news while others read the op-eds. Leslie scours real estate listings looking for the next diamond-in-the-rough fixer-upper to add to the L-L Properties portfolio.
  • Gardening is more than just a pastime to Leslie; it's in her genetics. She acquired her skills from a long line of gardeners who have a green thumb. In fact, vegetable gardening is her favorite.


Leslie has been working as a freelance writer for almost eight years. In the DIY and design space, she first started writing for 21Oak and for Monesk. She continues to write web content for businesses that specialize in roofing, pool installation, electrical repair, and real estate. Plus, she'll be starting a special project that involves a deep study of tourist sites and historical locations in her native state of New Mexico.


Leslie earned a BA in English with an emphasis on secondary education and a minor in Spanish.
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