Madisen Swenson

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Utah, United States
University Of Utah
Budget-friendly DIYs, Design Trends, Cleaning And Organizing Tips
  • Self-described as "house-proud" Madisen has always prioritized her home, and learned to decorate on a shoestring budget in some of the world's major cities.
  • She is a reformed clutter queen, and has developed a set of practices and routines to help keep homes pristine and guest-ready.
  • In her newly adopted home of London, England, Madisen is constantly seeking out new opportunities to learn about home design through the ages by exploring the city's museums, mansions, and more.


When Madisen moved into her first dorm room, she knew she had to find affordable and rule-abiding ways to turn her new space into her own. With the help of her roommate, she won The Best Decorated Dorm Room for the year of 2013. The challenge gave her a new love of renter-friendly DIY and low-to-no-budget décor. Madisen has used her love of design and writing for major home brand e-commerce campaigns and continues to share her passion for accessible interior design on House Blog.


Madisen earned a bachelor's degree in writing, rhetoric, and gender studies at the University of Utah. With both degrees in humanities, she works hard to consider the many complicated and nuanced factors that go into making a home with cultural awareness and respect for all.
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