Meredith Eastwood

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Blackpool, UK
Skipton Girls Grammar, Craven College
Interior Design Ideas, Stain Removal, Home Cleaning
  • Meredith prides herself on being able to remove any stain from any fabric; her family fondly refers to her as 'the stain queen.'
  • She enjoys homemaking and interior design, putting her own unique stamp on each room she decorates.
  • Meredith loves trying out eco-friendly DIY home cleaning methods.


Meredith has always been interested in the English language, started writing poetry at seven years old, and got A's in both English language and English literature at the GCSE level. She loves going to antique fairs and thrift stores, searching for just the right items to make her home pop. She became interested in home DIY and design from her dad, who loved flipping houses. Meredith loves to create or try home cleaning ideas by using everyday things in your pantry. She started writing for Hands Off Publishing in 2021 and joined Alb Media in 2022, primarily based with House Blog.
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