Mikayla Uber

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Portland, Oregon
Ludwig Maximilian University Of Munich, University Of British Columbia,
Interior Design, Gardening, Decorating
  • Mikayla has worked as a professional writer for over five years.
  • She has previously written for real estate and home interior design websites like HomeLight.
  • Mikayla has travelled extensively and is always curious to learn about interior design trends across the globe.


Mikayla is a writer and editor with experience writing about a diverse range of topics, including travel, art, women's health and beauty, and home design. Her work has been featured in Culture Trip, HomeLight, SAD Magazine, and Luxy Hair. As a home design enthusiast, Mikayla loves exploring topics related to home makeovers, creative staging, and sustainable architecture. She believes no living space is complete without a lively and lush collection of plants.


Mikayla earned a bachelor's degree from the University of British Columbia and a master degree from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, both in English Literature. Her research focuses on the fiction of Zadie Smith.
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