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Sabin Dragoi Art College, Tilsley College, Concordia University
Real Estate, Design, Investing
  • An avid learner, Paula loves to explore a lot of things that aren't fun for many, including quantum physics, farming, wellness, and investing.
  • The work she's most proud of is being published on Benzinga and House Blog. The second-most-proud is ghostwritten.
  • Paula loves to learn foreign languages — currently speaking five, to travel — having lived in over ten countries so far, and to venture on unplanned getaways whenever she feels like it.


Paula has been writing about real estate, business, investing, home affairs, and more since 2015. Her work has seen the light of the day in many publications, including Benzinga and Health Thoroughfare. Since 2018, Paula has delved into several niches in the writing industry to quench her thirst for knowledge, mainly as a copywriter and ghostwriter for clients like Fishbone Tech, Promofii, CryptoVault, Sapphire Estate Agents, NewHomesOK, and others.


Paula studied art at a prestigious college in Europe just to leave her diploma gathering dust somewhere in a corner and follow her true calling: wizarding around with words. After getting her degree in English from Concordia University, Paula started acting on her greatest passion, landing an amazing freelance position as a content writer.
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