Ria Bhagwat

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DePaul University
Women's Lifestyle, Interior Design, Equitable Housing
  • Ria's most recent work has been with Uterinekind and Women.com, both female-led organizations that focus on women-centered content
  • She's been a part of award-winning journalism teams at In These Times, 14East Magazine, and The DePaulia.
  • As a child of South Asian immigrants, Ria views home design from a unique perspective and offers an intersectional analysis in her writing


Ria started her professional journalism career in 2019 as an editorial intern at In These Times, a progressive political magazine based in Chicago. There, she pitched, researched, and wrote about comprehensive sex-ed for marginalized youth. Soon after, she joined her university school newspaper, 14East Magazine, reporting on mental health, pop culture, and the COVID-19 pandemic. She's gone on to work as a contributing writer for Well+Good, Uterinekind, and GoodGoodGood. She's fascinated by and well-versed in the lifestyle space, creating diverse content that centers around underrepresented voices. She's also deeply passionate about home decor, affordable housing, and everything in between.


Ria has a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from DePaul University in Chicago.
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